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I`m sorry I haven`t been around for a few weeks but somehow I`ve hurt my neck and its still really painful. I`ve tried to avoid seeing the doctor but have admitted defeat and will try to get an appointment as soon as possible. The pain is keeping me awake at night and no painkillers are helping…sigh.

I have however still been doing what gardening I can….luckily I`d done all the heavy work and I`ve only had easy jobs to do like pulling out the odd weed in passing and doing a bit of planting here and there. Pottering around the greenhouse and planting up seedlings has taken a bit of time and so I still feel as if I`m keeping busy. Jim`s been really helping lifting everything for me and clearing away the magnolia petals that have fallen like snow all over the garden, I don`t know how I would have managed without him. Perry`s been helping with the digging as only a labrador can but unfortunately its in all the wrong places…lol!

Here are some photos with that I`ve taken over the last week.

There have been so many Goldfinches in the garden that I`m filling the feeders with Nyger seed every day. For most of Winter very few birds came into the garden and now they have all brought their friends and relations!

I love Chaffinches, they are such friendly little birds and fascinating to watch.

Brunnera `Jack Frost` is looking the best its ever been. I think I`ll buy another for the shady border.

Just a small area of the garden that was covered with Magnolia petals, so far Jim has filled a dustbin with them.

Newly planted Pulmonarias.

Geranium Alba

Heuchera Green Spice

Heuchera Electra

I was pleased to see the emerging shoots of the Liatris. I planted three last year and had thought the bitter Winter had finished them off but two the the three have survived against all odds.

This was Perry just minutes before he decided to start digging to Australia……

And this was him afterwards……look at his nose for the tell tale signs…lol!

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Your garden is looking lovely.
Sorry to learn you have the neck problems ...
... I hope your doctor can find a quick cure...

What a good thing you have Perry to help with your gardening tasks ... ;o)

2 Apr, 2011


Garden looking good. Sorry to hear about your neck, hope the doctor will sort it for you. Perry looks like butter wouldnt melt...

2 Apr, 2011


Hope your better soon! Lovely photos, Heuchera 'Electra' is really nice, does it stay that colour or does it change to green?

2 Apr, 2011


Your garden is looking good it looks as if there`s been a wedding with all those Magnolia petals. Do hope the neck gets better soon its so agravating when you can`t get on with all the jobs that need doing.

2 Apr, 2011


I hope your neck gets better - theres nothing worse especially at night. I have had injections in my shoulder which have been successful.

I am impressed with your garden which seems to have survived the winter very well! I am ashamed of mine at the moment, especially in parts. Today I pulled out a dead verbena, a dead rosemary, and a dead pieris. Never mind, we will gradually recover. I lifted some heucheras and potted them up - think I'll keep them in pots from now on as our soil gets so wet.

get well soon!

2 Apr, 2011


hope you neck is feeling better soon sandra, i suffer with my neck 24/7 and sometimes get a few days break of it, so i know how that feels, sounds like you have strained the tendons which could take a while, i do exercises on mine but hard to show you on here lol, shoulders back finger on chin and push chin into chest and hold, also looking slowely side to side helps :o)

2 Apr, 2011


Wondered where you were Sandra, sorry to hear of your neck problems, those sort of things drag one down so much, made worse of course by not being able to sleep properly, hopefully your doc will soon have you sorted..
Perry is doing his best obviously, shame its in the wrong place, lol, he looks as though he`s enjoying his chewstick in the sunshine..
Lovely photo`s of garden and the birds, we have lots more visiting now and I`m also finding it difficult keeping up with filling the feeders, especially the nigerseed, I`ve sprinkled some in a spare planter hoping it will sprout, not done it before but figured it was worth a shot.........

2 Apr, 2011


Brunnera `Jack Frost ~ is this the little tree that looks like an acer? it looks beautiful

2 Apr, 2011


Your magnolia petals are abundant! Do they normally fall in such quantity or is it due to the wind and rain we've had in recent days? You will be thankful for hubby's help to tidy all of that up...sounds like a big job!

Sorry you are having so much pain with your neck...I hope you are able to get a quick appointment so the GP can get it sorted for you. I'm just going back to bed now (5.15 am) as I've been awake with a sore back! Oh joy!

Take care of yourself...nothing too strenuous now!

3 Apr, 2011


Oh dear, Sandra, I hope your GP is able to rectify your neck problem. It wears you down after a while, doesn't it? I am so envious of your Finches in the garden! We don't have any, well, just once when the Niger seed was put out, but nothing since then. That Heuchera 'Green Spice' looks lovely next to an Aquilegia, so keep Perry away from them! He's a lovely dog, such gorgeous eyes. Take care. : o ))

3 Apr, 2011


Sorry to hear you've hurt your neck Sandra. It sounds painful :(
But I'm glad you managed to do a little bit with help. Nice to hear Perry is tucking in :o) lol
I hope you'll get some relief from the pain before long.

3 Apr, 2011


Hi Sandra - sorry to hear of the neck pain you're suffering - it seems to spread everywhere doesn't it ? Like Sanbaz I've had shoulder injections which worked wonders at the time so hopefully your Doctor will be able to help you like this or something else that's effective as it's no fun not being able to sleep because of it is it ? You've done very well carrying on with your garden and I'm so glad to hear that your OH has been helping you - there are times when we just can't do without them aren't there?

Best of luck at the Docs and with your garden.

3 Apr, 2011


Thanks for your kind comments about my aches and pains...Sandra ~ you know how I feel then, thanks for the exercise tips, I`ll give them a try.

Jacquie ~ No, we don`t usually have so many petals or at least not in one place. It`s not been that windy and isn`t being blown around like it usually does. Sorry to hear about your poor back, you take care too.

Sticki ~ That IS an Acer but the Brunnera Jack Frost is the plant below it with the blue flowers.

Shirley ~ We have more than our fair share of Goldfinches in this area. Talking to customers at work they all say they are having a job keeping up with them they eat some much!

Linc ~ I used to hang feeders in the Magnolia but the niger seed sprouted everywhere and it took forever to dig it all out again. A former colleague told me that they have small blue flowers so do let me know if thats the case when you grow yours. :o)

Rachelsmum ~ What a shame you lost so many plants, I think I`ve been very lucky after the Winter we`ve had. You certainly did the right thing with your Heucheras, they really don`t like wet soil. I`m sure your garden will look lovely now the weathers warming up again.

3 Apr, 2011


Hi Sandra, sorry to hear life's a real pain in the neck for you at the moment! I do hope it gets better soon. You've got some lovely plants in your garden and birds too. I've noticed fewer birds in my garden these last couple of weeks. Maybe it's because they're too busy courting and nesting to hang around the feeders all day like they were.

4 Apr, 2011

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