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Rain at last!


At last its raining, not just a bit but nice heavy rain thats soaked my desert-like garden. Its flattened a few plants but I can live with that, its been long overdue.

Over the last few weeks I`ve either been working or gardening and in between catching a bit of! My neck is still very painful and I`m still not much wiser as to what the problem is. I had the ultrasound scan on the 13th and the radiologist told me that I had no swollen lymph glands but she suspects it might be a bone problem, ie arthritis. I have an appointment with my doctor on 6th June (he`s on holiday at the moment) so I`ll just have to wait and see what the next stage might be. At the moment I`ll stick to a painkiller at night.

Back to gardening and much nicer things. I planted out a lot of bedding, both in the borders and containers. I have a really good book I bought for just £1 at a village fair last year. It has some really good ideas for hanging baskets, large containers and mangers etc. One in particular took my fancy so I`ve copied it and with luck it will look just as good. I couldn`t find all the plants in the book but I got similar ones that should do as well.

I`ve taken a few photos over the last couple of weeks, hope you like them. :o)

Cirsium rivulare , can you see the bee collecting nectar. There are so many bees this year which, of course, is great news.

Rosa Crown Princess Margrethe.

Rosa Madame Plantier.

Delphinium Black Knight.

Campanula Alba, I really love its flowers.

Rosa Arthur Bell on the top of the arch.

Astrantia Buckland.

Alchemilla Mollis.

I took this photo while I was lying on the ground..I wanted to get a different view. :o)

Peony, name unknown.

It`s a bit dark but Jim took this photo in the late evening. The goldfinches are eating as though theres no tomorrow, you`d think they`d put on weight…lol!

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Nice blog Sandra, lovely flowers.

26 May, 2011


Great pics LD,yes i have had lots of bees in our garden the last few weeks too.Love the peony, my mum loved the one in her garden which grew really tall..:o))

26 May, 2011


What a beauty that rose is - Princess Margrethe. Lovely colour and form! :-))

I agree - I've seen lots of bees, too. That has to be good, doesn't it.

26 May, 2011


Lovely display,Sandra..I love the peach coloured rose,and the Delphinium..they are gorgeous..I'm glad I staked my white Delphinium before we went on was still standing ,after all the wind they had here..but three stems on the roses were broken off,and they were full of buds,so was sad to see that..but no other damage,thank goodness...Sorry to hear you are still having problems with your neck,Sandra,hope you get sorted out soon..:o)
Had to smile at the thought of you lying on your back,taking a pic..the things we do ,to get a decent photo Lol.

26 May, 2011


Beautiful plants :))))

26 May, 2011


What glorious plants you have - I especially like all the blooms on your peony. I bet your garden looks spectacular !

26 May, 2011


Love that Peony Sandra, in fact all your flowers are looking good, like the arch pic and your iniative to get a smashing view, lol, we have lots of bees around here as well, first time in a lot of years, also ladybirds, nice pic of the goldfinches, ours seem to have disappeared for a while so I guess they have found food in the fields, mind you there`s still plenty of others demanding food ...
Have you been lifting heavy things, I messed up my neck and shoulder badly when I first had my greenhouse because the staging was too high and I was lifting heavy watering cans daily, it took a couple of years before I realised what I was doing to myself and a lot of pain..

26 May, 2011


lovely plants, the finches are eating us out of house and home too! 5£ a fortnight and that's just their seed.

26 May, 2011


I hope your garden has had a good watering now. It will all brighten up for you.

I hope your doctor will be able to help with your neck problem. It must be very inconvenient and sounds painful. I hope it doesn't restrict you too much.

28 May, 2011


You must be pleased to have had some good rainfall Sandra ... still waiting for some to fall our way! The Margrethe Rose is fabulous ... does she have a lovely fragrance too? Black Knight looks to be very tall ... he's a gorgeous blue. Hope your neck pain eases soon for you. : o ))

28 May, 2011


Shirley ~ the Margrethe rose does have a good fragrance but because its at the back of the border I can`t get close enough for a good!

28 May, 2011


Oh, that's a shame ... perhaps it will waft across in the windy weather ... but you'll be safely indoors then ... lol!

28 May, 2011

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