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An update on Jake


I had to take Jake to the vet again yesterday, he hasn`t been eating very well for the last couple of weeks but the last few days he has hardly touched a thing. He has also lost weight and is in pain when he wakes up in the morning, a sure sign that the painkillers aren`t working for as long anymore. Our usual vet wasn`t there so I had to see a new one but she was really nice and very thorough. It seems Jake has a high temperature and its “possible” he has an infection and antbiotics were prescribed along with an injection. His arthritic hip is really bad too and not helping matters.

Apparently cancer compromises the immune system and now poor Jake is going to be prone to lots of things. On the other hand, he might not have an infection and it might be that the tumour is growing inwards towards his throat or, even worse, the primary tumour is sending out goodness knows what to goodness knows where. I can hardly bear to think about it. As for the painkillers I`m to continue giving him his usual dose for now.

Anyway, he will be seen again on Saturday to see if the antibiotics are working. If not steroids were mentioned but I didn`t really take it all in. He has been eating better today with the help of some tuna added to his usual food. I`m not feeding him twice a day as usual but giving him little and often. It seems to be doing the trick at least for the time being. Also he can only have 20 minutes walk a day at the maximum which for Jake when he was well would have been unheard of. More like an hour running at speed through the woods nearby, chasing squirrels and looking for muntjak deer.

I`ve just looked out of the window and its absolutely pouring with rain and the wind is getting up too. I just hope tomorrow morning is better because the husband is going to clear the leaves away. One of my flowerbeds is completed covered. I`ve already filled three sacks for leaf mould and there is a huge amount left. And thats from just the one tree!

Bye for now. :o)

Sandra x

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Hi Sandra...
I really understand what you are going through....
Message me privately if you think any of my experiences with Conker's cancer treatment could be of help..

Which antibiotics did the vet prescribe ? Synulox ? Ceporex ?
Is Jake okay on them.... not getting diarrhoea ?

Excellent idea to feed him little and often.... maybe also offer drinks little and often too..... hold a dish in front of his mouth if you think he might not be keen on bending over to his dish.... in fact, consider raising his food dishes and drink dishes onto a low step or low table if you think it would aid swallowing etc....

Thinking of you... and praying for Jake. xxx

12 Nov, 2009


Me as well Labdancer xx

12 Nov, 2009


Hi Sandra, Somehow I missed your previous blog about Jake. I'm so sorry to hear how seriously ill he is. It's so hard, our pets can't tell us how they feel.....we can only guess and do what we hope is best for them. So sad in such a young dog.

12 Nov, 2009


Hi Sandra, I am sorry to hear about Jake's illness. I hope the antibiotics will give him some relief, and I hope you get the strength to cope with it all. It is a very stressful thing for you to go through. It's nice you can turn to your friends here for some support.

12 Nov, 2009


Poor Jake Sandra...usually so full of bounce & now feeling like poo.

I do hope he feels better soon & you make sure you don't stress out...he'll need all your energy for when he's recovered & wants to go for a run.xx

12 Nov, 2009


Give Jake a cuddle from me. It must be awful for you to watch your furry friend suffering. Be brave - you'll come through it. Hugs. xx

12 Nov, 2009


Its hard Sandra I hope he is able to eat once the antibiotics do their work if not steroids may well help his appetite. Ask the vet to explain fully the reason for the steroids it will help you to understand the reasons for giving them and what they hope to achieve. Hope the antibiotics help.

12 Nov, 2009


So very sad in a dog so young. My thoughts are with you and Jake xx

12 Nov, 2009


I hope he's feeling brighter soon Ld.

13 Nov, 2009


I am thinking about you and jake. Give him a big cuddle.

13 Nov, 2009


Thinking of you hope Jake's medication will help him, Smokey is going to wag his tail for Jake, and hope some of his luck works for him, sure Smokey past on his luck to Conker, give him a hug from me. x

13 Nov, 2009


hi sandra give jake lots of gentle hugs from me, thinking of you both xxx

13 Nov, 2009


Get well soon Jake

14 Nov, 2009

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