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A New Week and New Plants


I was feeling a bit sad on Saturday when I`m used to having Jake under my feet as I go about the housework. Silly little things like that seem enormous now that he is gone.As I dusted and polished I realised I was talking to myself about Jake, and the unfairness of his not being around and why. he always hated the hoover as well as my feather duster and always behaved like a bit of a drama queen whenever he saw them…lol! After he`d run for the safety of his bed he would flop down with a huge sigh as if to say “how much more of this can I take!” Anyone who has ever owned a labrador knows how much they can overact but it was so funny…I`ll miss times like that….sigh.

I also called Labrador Lifeline Trust to let them know about Jake. Part of the agreement when we rescued Jake is that we inform them when one of their dogs dies. The lady was really kind and we chatted for a while. She agreed fully with the decisions we made for Jake during his illness. She gave me the number of the local co-ordinator and told her to give her a ring when we feel ready and she willl look for another dog for us. We most likely won`t need another home check as we`ve had one of their dogs already so I think it won`t be too long before we have another lab in our home. I know Jake wouldn`t mind us filling the hole that he left behind.

This morning it took me 50mins to get to work instead of the normal 15. Because of the torrential rain there had been a few accidents which meant thye country roads that I use for work were completely blocked. I just had to turn round and try another route as did everyone else who needed to go that way…it was a nightmare but I got there safely in the end.

In a few days time I`ll be collecting Jake`s ashes and I had already decided that I would plant a shrub with berries to remember in memorial to him. Whenever we lose a pet we also plant something special and for Jake I decided on Skimmia “Obsession”. It`s a hermaphrodite variety so it`ll bear berries every Autumn. The place I have for it is in the shady part of the garden and I can look out of my kitchen window and see Jake`s plant every morning when I get up. In the Spring I can also smell the pretty star-like flowers too which is an added bonus. I also bought Lonicera “Darts World” (50% off) to grow over the wooden arch. I`ve put in an Arthur Bell climbing rose earlier in the year but I saw somewhere, Gardener`s World magazine I think, that its a good idea to plant honeysuckle with a climbing rose to bulk it up and to provide an even stronger fragrance. It certainly makes good sense. There are so many bargains in the discounted plants but I decided not to buy anything else this side of Christmas. I can just save up for the new Acer that I want to buy in Spring. :o)

Anyway, I`ll say goodbye for now. Take care.

Sandra x

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it takes time to get use to not having a beloved pet around doesnt it sandra, im sure you miss jake very much, i use to be the same when i lost sheba, walking in from work and exspecting her to come and jump up as usual, when i ate my dinner she would sit there with puppy dog eyes wanting to share lol, its all part of greaving isnt it, jake knows how much you love him and im sure he would want you to take care of another lovely doggy to, planting a shrub is a lovely memorial to remember him, and also you will have all the lovely pics and memories in your heart, take care
hugs sandra xx

30 Nov, 2009


It's good to know you are making plans for your garden and thinking of special plants to remember lovely Jake... It's natural that you're going to miss your special boy... but I hope that life gets easier for you as days go by, and that Labrador Lifeline Trust provides the right dog for you at the right time...

Wonderful idea about the honeysuckle mixed with the climbing roses...
Keep positive. T.C.T. & C xxx

30 Nov, 2009


Hi Sandra I'm glad to hear that you are feeling just a bit better today and able to think a little of other things. What a lovely idea to have a plant to remember Jake by, a perfect choice. He was a beautiful dog and I know you must miss him terribly and will for some time to come. As you say he would not mind you filling the hole he left behind infact I think he would very happy to know you had given another dog like him a loving home. Meantime you take care. x

30 Nov, 2009


Of course small things will remind you of how you miss Jake - but if you can remember him with a smile, as you did about the hoover, that's a big step forwards. (Henry hates it, too!) There will come a time when you're ready to give another Lab your love and care - in the mean time, as Skillen says - take care, and we're thinking of you!

That's a great idea about the 'Jake' shrub! Make sure you post a photo of it. x

30 Nov, 2009


A lovely way to remember Jake.....You will have lots and lots of lovely memories of him.....I can't remember any pet (cats mostly) I've had that had a good relationship with the vacuum cleaner!!.....take care x

30 Nov, 2009


It's going to be nice for you to remember Jake by planting the Skimia. You'll feel as if he's always with you in a way.

1 Dec, 2009


Pleased to see you are starting to remember Jake with humour,and that will take over the sad times eventually.The Skimmia is a lovely idea.It will be a
happy day for you,when you decide to have another Lab,and a nice thought that another dog will be able to have a good life with you.Take

1 Dec, 2009


Hi Sandra ....just dropped in to say that I too am pleased that you are already remembering the funny side of Jake's lovely personality. It does help - and I should know - I've been there so often throughout my life. You will come to terms with his absence - especially with the idea of getting a new companion .....Jake would want you know he would.

5 Dec, 2009

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