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Venturing outside


I must confess that Winter gardening isn`t much fun for me but there are things that have to be done whether I like it or not. Today has been one of those chilly, dark and gloomy days where I`d prefer to be on the inside looking out. However, I had plants that had to go in before the ground freezes and that could be anytime now. I`d already succumbed the the plant sale at work and bought ANOTHER Lonicera, this time “Horwood Gem” which is yellow unlike “Darts World” (which I bought the other day) which is tinted red. I hadn`t noticed the “Horwood Gem” before so I`ll give “Darts World” to my son-in-law, I know he`s looking for a climber and it would be just right. I also picked up Ajuga “Caitlin`s Giant” for just 50p and what with Jake`s skimmia “Obsession” waiting to be planted I really needed to get gardening.

The honeysuckle looked just right in situ and I`m looking forward to it scrambling over the wooden arch which is bare at the moment. The site I had in mind for the skimmia wasn`t any good after all as there were too many tree roots but I still managed to find a spot where it can thrive. As it`s in memory of Jake I`ll be taking special care of it. I didn`t have time to plant the Ajuga because the light was fading fast even though it was only 4pm. I don`t have anything to do after work tomorrow so I`ll plant it then, that`s if it`s not raining of course!

Not the best photo of Skimmia “Obsession” but you get the idea

This blue tit was singing its little heart out and didn`t seem at all bothered by my presence.

When I downloaded the camera there were two photos of Jake that I`d taken on his last afternoon. We hadn`t made a decision then and because he`d lifted his head up and was looking Jim holding a tennis ball that he`d found, he handed him the ball. Now Jake always loved tennis balls and would collect them from the nearby field when he had one of his shorter walks. There is a practice court nearby so there is always lots of them lying around. He always managed to get two of them in his mouth at once which made him look as though he had a bad case of mumps…lol! Seriously though, when I saw the photo I had tears in my eyes, he looked so ill but despite that still wanted to hold one of his beloved tennis balls. A true labrador right to the end…sigh.

Today at work I found out I`d been allocated my last few days holiday before Christmas, all 8 days of them. Thats two next week, two the week after and the four days before Christmas. I`m hardly at work at all until after Christmas, I`m not complaining though. Now I don`t know what I`m going to do with myself but I`m sure I`ll think of something!

Bye for now.

Sandra xxx

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How special to have the Skimmia in memory of lovely Jake, and how amazing to find those last two precious pictures... Wonderful boy to show interest in his tennis ball right until the end.... xxx

3 Dec, 2009


That skimmia is gorgeous...showing flower buds and berries. Could you put it in the photo gallery so I can transfer it to the "winter colour plants" category of GoyPedia....If you "nominate" it I will pick it up quicker.....ta :))

3 Dec, 2009


I've nominated it because we can't nominate our own pics..Lol.

3 Dec, 2009


oOOOPS....thought we could......thanks TT :))

3 Dec, 2009


Hi AA.... I wish we would make life easier for us editors...
I asked an Australian member to indicate which of her many pics are spring blossom, and it would have been so much simpler if she had been allowed to nominate them. !

3 Dec, 2009


The Skimmia in Jakes memory is perfect.

3 Dec, 2009


The life of an Editor is not easy......(sob) ::::))))))

3 Dec, 2009


Dear, dear! Poor soul, Alice! :-(((

Ld - Lovely to have the extra photos. Did Jake chew the tennis balls? Henry sometimes 'chomps' one when he retrieves it. They certainly don't last long!

I am glad you have another memory, and that Skimmia is a beauty. :-)

3 Dec, 2009


I love Skimmia. Even though I can't seem to keep them it doesn't stop me trying again! A lovely choice to remember Jake.
I'm sure you'll find plenty to do in your time off, surely you're not already organised for Christmas?
Did you get my PM?

3 Dec, 2009


Lovely pictures Sandra :-)))
Have a look through old gardening magazines, recorded gardening programmes and start to make lots of lists .... all plant and garden related ;-)))

Enjoy yourself,

4 Dec, 2009


love the skimmia nice choice for jake sandra, :o))

5 Dec, 2009


Get those gardening catalogues out ,Sandra....the hours will whizz past as you plan next year!! I can lose a whole evening doing that...making lists ....which I seldom use - but oh the fun in the planning!!!

5 Dec, 2009


Loads of good advice there Sandra and the Skimmia is lovely.....

6 Dec, 2009

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