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Snow is Falling again


It`s snowing again and it looks llike there`s lots more to come too. I do like snow even though its cold, makes driving hazardous and causes no end of problems for local authorities. It`s just me, I like it and thats that!

I`m just getting over shingles and a heavy cold that accompanied it. I felt dreadful for a while, exhausted and in pain because of the shingles and stuffed and achy because of the cold. But no matter, I`m getting better every day which is good.

Yesterday I called Labrador Lifeline Trust about getting another dog but the lady in my area had the answerphone on. I left a message of sorts and will wait until the end of the week for a reply. If I hear nothing I`ll call back on Friday afternoon when I get home from work. We are both ready for a new furry friend and I for one just can`t wait. Hubby Jim stills feels a bit disloyal to Jake and I suggested waiting a bit longer but he said it is time now. So there we are, ready and waiting.

I don`t think I`ve ever mentioned about my orchids. I have about 10, or maybe 11 as I bought another this afternoon. They are the only houseplant that I can really do anything with, they just seem to thrive with me. I mainly `rescue` the reduced ones that need a little TLC. The first one I ever saved is still with me and doing really well after nearly five years, it flowers at least three times a year and will hopefully carry on doing so. I have bought a few at full price and some I`ve been given when the owner couldn`t do anything with them. They are all Phalenopsis and at the moment at least half have new flower stems growing, another two have sent out new shoots from old stalks and a baby orchid has sprung up on another so I`ll soon have another plant. I`ll show you a couple of photos of the sad specimen I brought home today.

This is how it looked when I got it home. The flowers and buds were dropping and the leaves were soft because of the cold.

I espcially liked the colours of the flowers as they are so unusual.

After checking the roots for rot, changing the compost and cutting of foliage and flowers it was already to be put into a cosy position to warm up. With luck it will soon be a thriving member of Sandra`s orchid society! Before anyone mentions it, I know I didn`t cut the leaf right back but I`d like to wait before I do anymore cutting.

Anyway, must go and make a nice cuppa. :o)

Sandra xx

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glad you are getting over the shingles . it is horrid isnt it.
i do like the colours of this new orchid of yours. lets hope it appreciates all your efforts.
and i hope the dog people get back to you soon.

5 Jan, 2010


Looking forward to seeing pics of your soon - to-be- new member of your family Labdancer.Take care in the heavy snow ..

5 Jan, 2010


glad your feeling alot better sandra, love the new orchid, pretty colour,and cant wait to see your new lab when you get him/her, im so jelous lol

5 Jan, 2010


I'm glad you are feeling better now, and also that you are to have a new addition soon. I hope your orchid will be all right. It will probably benefit from your TLC :o)

6 Jan, 2010


Sorry you have had shinglesSandra,I remember it well,so painful.You are more prone to it,when you are not feeling your best,apparently,and you haven't had the best of things lately,have you?.Anyway,you now have something to look forward to..A new friend,and a new a much better prospect for 2010 for you.I'm sure your spirits must be lifted now.We will all be waiting for the first pictures..:o))) take care, Sandra.x

6 Jan, 2010


Good for you on both counts! I do hope you get a new Lab ASAP.

So we have another member of the Orchid Appreciation Society - hallo! LOL.

I love them too. I'm waiting for the 2nd Cymbidium flowers to open. I love my Phaleanopsis, though - they do flower so well, don't they.

6 Jan, 2010


I can see that the Orchid Appreciation Society is indeed growing in numbers!! Welcome Sandra and well done for rescuing that rather handsome one - I have no doubt it will respond to your TLC!!
A lot of my orchids really flowered their sox off over the past six months and are now doing a "re-think" about starting up again!! However my "Cambria" one has obliged and is looking rather pretty - very subtle - but most welcome!!
Sorry to hear that you have had shingles - such a nasty business - been there and done that - and like so many - still bear the scars!!
Delighted though that you are feeling ready for a new furry friend...and have been in touch with the Lab Rescue people.....unfortunately my good friend who was the Lab Rescue man for Aberdeenshire has relocated to Linconshire - so if and when I need him again - I will have a long way to go !!! Hopefully not for a while yet though!

6 Jan, 2010


Well done Sandra I also love orchids, I'm also waiting for my cattleya to flower it's already to open I will post some photos soon as it's so unusual and a beautiful colour orange. Do hope your feeling so much better and get your new furry friend very soon. =^..^=

6 Jan, 2010


Do you know, I`ve tried cybidiums, cattleyas and several other types of orchids but I could never get them to flower again, in the end I gave up and stayed with what I knew best! I do love Vanda`s though, the ones at Kew are gorgeous. :o)

6 Jan, 2010


oooh - now you're talking LD...I loved my Vanda (Blue Magic - I think!) that kept going for about a year before - because it was a mounted one - it got "dunked" in its usual basin of warm water - but somehow the basin must have had a residue of something dear Vanda didn't approve of - and she curled up and died very swiftly!
I was heartbroken as it was a stunner!!
One of these days I will start again!!!

6 Jan, 2010


Hi Sandra
Sorry to hear you have not been well .Happy New Year to you and Jim .
I bet you get that orchid looking good again ,I only have two but they seem to be doing well .
Pete and I have now retired and are enjoying slowing down ,not that we can do much in this snowy weather .
Take care and keep warm
Love and hugs

6 Jan, 2010


What a shame Alzheimer, do you have a photo of it?

6 Jan, 2010


Sadly - I don't....I thought I had but unfortunately I must have deleted it at some point by mistake. It was one of those big beautiful blue and white "checked " I think it may have been Blue Magic. I really would like to treat myself ...but don't want to do so while this weather is on the go as it would need to come by post.
The local garden centre that sold them last time said he wasn't taking in any exotic ones again as they didn't sell.....apart from that one to me...LOL

7 Jan, 2010


The only ones that sell really well in our centre are Phalaenopsis, probably because they are easiest to keep. When you get your new one I hope I get to see a photo. :o)

Sandra x

7 Jan, 2010


That's a promise!!!
In fact it is my birthday in I will MAYBE treat myself then!!!!

7 Jan, 2010


Snap! Alzheimer, it`s my birthday in March too! :o)

8 Jan, 2010


Aha - another Piscean!! I am afraid I am not a typical one - undecided /dreamy and impractical - I am definitely nickname even as a kid was "Practical Polly" LOL

9 Jan, 2010


I'd love to try a 'different' orchid - but they like different temperatures and humidity, don't they. I shall have to stick with my Phalaenopsis, Cymbidiums and the one Dendrobium. Maybe I'll look for a second Dendrobium, though! That would be good. :-)))))

9 Jan, 2010


Or maybe a pretty little Oncidium, Spritz????? LOL

9 Jan, 2010


Actually I`m an Arian and very typical according to my!

10 Jan, 2010


Lovely blog,
my orchids are coming back to life. I will take a photo of one tomorrow.

Actually, the big one is my mothers, but it wil die in her bedroom in the nursing home, so she is happy for it to stay here in the house.

Glad you are over the shingles - nasty I believe.

Good luck with the new dog - I envy you!

4 Feb, 2010

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