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My week in pictures


Even though the weather has been rather miserable and much colder than we are used to for the time of year, I`ve been out in the garden keeping things tidy and preparing for the better weather that will surely (fingers crossed come.) Here are some photos about my week. :o)

Euphorbia “Fireglow”, I needed an attractive plant that would spread.

I love the colour of this Geum, I`m afraid I don`t know which variety it is.

This was my favourite teapot until Jim broke the lid! I decided to plant something in it and I think the House Leek looks just right.:o)

Acer “Ariadne”

I have alpines growing in the gaps around the garden arch, they look really nice at this time of year.

A view of some Spring plants.

These pink tulips are past there best now but still look lovely. I planted quite a few several years ago and these two are the last of them, with luck they`ll be back again next year.

I`ve had this bench for at least 12 years now and its been overhauled quite a bit since then. Despite taking care of it as much as possible we`ve had to renew the seat and arms and shorten the legs due wear and tear. I remember paying £65 for it which was quite expensive at the time I thought. We`ve had more than our monies worth though and I hope with care its good for a few years yet.


Saturday afternoon.
I really didn`t have the desire to do much in the garden this afternoon but the tomato plants needed planting in containers so after walking Perry I got on with it.

I thought I`d throw in this photo of the pair of ducks that are spending a lot of time on the green opposite my house. I have no idea why they like it so much there as they are a good distance form water but they seem happy enough to waddle along, stopping occasionally to snaffle out something tasty from the ground.

As you can see the greenhouse is rather full and if the weather weren`t so cold some of it would be outside by now. Some of the Summer bedding is already in flower but of course it will have to stay put for a while yet. At least the hanging baskets will be nice and big by the time I put them out. I only managed three containers this afternoon, two “Gardeners Delight” toms and a butternut squash. Tomorrow I`ll do a few more more though I`m running out of floor space.

On Thursday I prepared the soil for planting runner beans and put the canes in ready. All I need is the warmer weather and they can go in. The two types of potatoes that I`m growing in the containers are Vale Emerald and Pentland Javelin, both first earlies. Its my first attempt at growing potatoes and I`m doing everything by the book, hopefully I`ll get a good crop in June/July.

Before I go I have to tell you about what happened to Perry on Wednesday. Jim had taken him to Black Park for his afternoon exercise and as usual walked him around the lake there. Now Perry, despite being a labrador is not in any shape or form, a swimmer. He`ll happily paddle but won`t join the other dogs in the water however much we encourage him. Now, Perry is a wonderful dog and we love him to bits but I`m afraid to say he isn`t the brightest dog in the world…so, instead of walking down to the waters edge like any other hound would do he decided to try his luck from the bank which is about a foot above the water at that point. (you know whats going to happen next don`t you?) Well you`ll be right, he stretched and stretched until he overbalanced and his head and front legs were in the water, closely followed by the rest of him. Jim said for a moment he completely disappeared before resurfacing coughing and spluttering like the drama queen he is…lol! He put his front paws on the bank and Jim had to help haul all 33 kilos of dog out of the water. Understandably from then on he stayed right away from the water altogether…daft dog! Jim said it was the funniest thing he`s seen for a long time though I`m sure theres a lot more from Perry just waiting to happen…lol! :o)

Sandra xx

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A labrador that doesn't like water? You amaze me, Sandra!!! I wonder - do you think he's had a bad experience at some time?

Well - you've been busy! My g'house is full of plants that really should be outside by now, was sooo cold today at Malvern - the temp. was less than 9 degrees all day, and it rained, naturally - but a good time was had by all anyway. ;-).

8 May, 2010


Lovely doggy tale even though I'm a cat person ! It's ridiculous how plants can't be put outdoors yet due to the low temps., we have the heating on again tonight. I love your teapot planting and the Tulip in pic. no.6 is ?

8 May, 2010


Nice blog,Sandra,and lovely pics.Everything looks very healthy.Like most of us,we are all raring to go,and get them outside..its so cold though,and fed up of it now.We have got our heating on again too.I can't ever remember wearing gloves and scarf in May before !Aw,poor Perry,not surprised he tried to get out,as the water must have been freezing.I would have done the same...

8 May, 2010


Lovely plants and pictures. Thank you for sharing.

8 May, 2010


great blog sandra and everything is looking fab in your garden and greenhouse, so funny, poor perry,, my lab use to dive in any water she saw and i always had to shower her when i got home, ;o))

8 May, 2010


i enjoyed your blog Sandra ..your greenhouse is well stocked pity we cant put plants outside yet space left in mine..aww poor perry, freezing in manchester tonight..:o)

8 May, 2010


Thanks for the blog, this weather is crazy heard on the TV snow in Scotland..........had the heating on today as well. Your greenhouse looks rather full, just like our porch!! loved the Perry episode....just like our yellow lab he hated the wet lol

8 May, 2010


I love your full greenhouse. I hope it's not long before you can put some things outside. You have so much in there and it all looks nice and tidy.

Poor Perry lol. I hope he's all right after his 'swim'....

8 May, 2010


Your garden and green house look very well organised. love your tea pot

9 May, 2010


Hi Sandra so nice to hear from you on here I ought to try and write a blog on here about our allotment ,we have both now retired but the time flies and I don't know where it goes ???? Maybe its because we are getting older and things take more time but we are always up to something .
Perry sounds a real character .Your green house looks full ,wish it would warm up and no more frosts,I would like to be able to sit in the garden as Pete has bought me a garden swing seat its for my b/day in August but Pete said you might as well have it now and use it .Roll on summer please love and hugs Jeanxx

12 May, 2010


Love your tea pot xx and all your plants and flowers have certainly got green fingers Jeanxx

12 May, 2010

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