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No Rain Again


I’ve been reminded that it’s time I wrote another blog, so here goes.

We’ve had no rain since before my last blog, I suppose it’s been the same for most people. The grass is looking a bit sad, and the soil is very dry but my containers are doing really well, as I try to water them twice a day.

Percy the tortoise is having a hard time as there is not a lot of moisture in the grass, so we’re having to supplement his diet more than normal, with extra fruit and vegetables, his favourite being grapes. He is, however, over eighty so I imagine he has lived through many droughts like this before!

The birdlife is still quite prolific, with the goldfinches on the nyjer seeds constantly. The gang of sparrows are still getting up to mischief flying around the garden and squabbling over who’s first on the feeders. They really enjoy their dust baths in the early evening, plenty of dry soil for them at the moment! There was however a sad occasion on Wednesday morning, a pile of grey feathers in a heap on the lawn. It looks like one of the collared doves has been food for some chicks. Probably the sparrowhawk, although I must admit I haven’t seen her around lately.

I think that’s enough for this blog, I never intend to write much but once I start it’s difficult to stop. Finally I must thank the members of GYO for identifying one of my clematis as Harrow Carr, I’ve added a photo of it so all can see.

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Lovely blog lady bird.....same here we have not had rain for a few weeks...the grass is almost brown, we are expecting a good lot of rain tomorrow....I am hoping it does come. Anglian Water has said that there will be no hosepipe ban in our region, that we can use hosepipe if we want too:)) but the thing is.... I am on meter, they said this is why they have so much water, because majority.... over 80 percent of their customers are on metered water.:(((((( was not my choice, I inherited mine.:((

10 Jul, 2010


Same here in East Sussex all the reservoirs are full so no hosepipe ban amazing how careful folks are with water once they have meters and have to pay for what they use.

10 Jul, 2010


Poor Percy, but happy you enjoy your grapes.

10 Jul, 2010


We've had some drizzly showers here in south west Wales, but it hasn't made any difference to the soil. It's very dry and dusty.

11 Jul, 2010


Poor Percy. We have had no rain in weeks so I've had to turn the hose on my tortoises. Mine are mostly rainforest species so the heat (mid 90s) has been tough on them as well.

11 Jul, 2010

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