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fairys brought me goldfish


Imagine my surprise today when i cleaned my little pond out,all my plants dissapeared and i thought they had died,so the water was nasty and stank as I have not cleaned it in over a year as i got to the bottom something orange moved,I stood looking at it for a min or so and it was a 4inch goldfish.
you know when you talk to yourself and i was saying did I put that there and just forgot,so I put it in the big bowl I have and proceeded to clean and pulled out another 3 goldfish.
The idiot next door has moved out,and thats the nicest thing I can say about him and i can only assume he got rid of his pets and threw them in my pond,what i need to know will they be alright in there its 3ft by 3ft and 2ft deep,I have a little fountain in there but all my plants are gone,what can i put in that they wont eat.
I told my grandaughter the fairys brought them she is well impressed(she is 3)she is looking for them now i will buy some fairy doors lol,chris

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I'd worry that the ratio of surface area to depth will make it difficult to prevent the water going bad, as you have found. You can find suggestions for suitable plants on line. I think water millfoil is the most attractive though some fish do like eating it.. You might have room for a very small water lily but be careful to get a miniature one and it will probably need standing on bricks. Lily leaves help to prevent the sun making the water in a small pond too warm
Don't worry about the fish eating the plants. Plants grow quite fast and in any case the fish will only eat what's good for them.

4 May, 2018


ty steragram,cant believe he threw them in there

4 May, 2018


I take it you have never had goldfish in there? The reason I ask is baby goldfish are usually brown and turn gold around 3-4 yrs of age.

They will eat a few plants but also any blanket weed that starts to grow so that is a bonus. If you have a fountain running the fish will be fine.

Put some oxygenators in to help with the water balance. Most of my pond plants are just starting to grow, mainly due to it being so cold this spring.
I agree about a small lily but water hawthorn is another good plant that has floating leaves to help shade the surface.

4 May, 2018


Sorry that you had a not so nice neighbours but at least they are gone. There is no rhyme or reason with some people. I suppose at least he didn't just flush them down the loo like some people do. Sorry can't suggest any plant as we did have a big pond in our old garden but looking after it was OH job. Next to our old pond was a greenhouse with a water butt. I was emptying it one day and found one of our fish in there. All we could think of is a Heron had dropped it on one of his raids. We kept having to put more and more wires across the pond to stop the Heron. I'm sure your granddaughter will enjoy helping you look after them and feeding them.

5 May, 2018


we don't have a heron problem just herring gulls that decimated the pond last year.

5 May, 2018


Seaburngirl, bet they can be daring then any Heron

5 May, 2018


oh yes and of course the fish came to the surface expecting to be fed. and they sit on the surface of the water too.

5 May, 2018


Oh dear. Talk about take away fish.

5 May, 2018

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