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The start of my garden(dads too)


ok so im still doing the house but realised im going to wear myself outrunning around just on the house,ive taken some pictures of the garden and have planned things in my head usualy haveing my morning coffee sitting on the swing seat.

this one is me starting to clear a lot to do

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Not sure whether to give a like to your blog or not! Good of you to share what must be a daunting task and upsetting for your Dad, knowing someone (even if it is his daughter) is going to be moving his stuff. I know I hate it if my OH so much as tidies up around the sheds! Perhaps you could start by collecting up all the flowerpots, emptying those that have dead things (I get lots of those, failed cuttings etc.) and stacking them somewhere. Perhaps he could help with the sorting, I think the worst thing you could do immediately would be to throw his stuff out without consultation, as his life has changed so dramatically he probably doesn't feel in control. Best of luck with the task, keep us up to date and remember all your GOY friends are here for support, even if you just want a moan!

4 Jul, 2019


If it were me I would start very small - a tiny space at a time. I would also talk to, and ask your Dad for advice and his views. Share your ideas between you and enjoy working together. Have fun!

4 Jul, 2019


ty both def right honeysuckle,ive saved a few plants but a lot did die,its a lot of work so a little at a time will do

4 Jul, 2019


Its hard to know whether to do a big area slightly or a small one properly! A general tidy up and perhaps weeding the path will make it look better quickly and will reveal where you go next, with no risk of upsetting your Dad. He will surely be pleased that you are doing something.

4 Jul, 2019


wow what a task you are taking on. That little area you have already cleared looks so much better.

But I wish you and your dad a lot of fun doing it together. Keep your dad in the loop as much as you can. ask are there any favourite pots and plants he really wants to keep. Any badly broken ones, dead plants etc will need to go. But I am sure with little bits done, and personally I'd do one area well as it will be easier to keep on top of it, you will get the whole area sorted. As for housework my mum used to say 'plump the cushions, clean the hearth and don't move any ornaments!'. Didn't get the ornaments thing until the girls would lift them up and never quite get them back in their dust free spot, so dusting became one of their 'chores'.

5 Jul, 2019


It must be hard for you, trying not to overstep the mark and therefore upsetting him, or making it not seem as though you're taking over his life and garden, has to be one of the most difficult things in your life at the moment, I know this might seem a bit too personal but does dad have a wheelchair and if so can he come out to tend his plants if they're up on staging, its just a thought Ladybug...Can definitely see where you've been, an area at a time will be less daunting, I 'm very much with the" do a bit at a time advice " as to the dusting lark, I treated myself to a new feather duster only a couple of weeks ago, I've hidden the polish as I haven't got the time to faff about indoors, lol....You get a like form me as I think you need as many as you can get, show we're with you in spirit....

6 Jul, 2019


ty lincslass,ive been building ramps from spare wood anywhere i can and we have managed to get as far as the conservative door so ive brought pots and bags of compost and we have been repoting plants.its been hard as we never realy got on together,but we have to now,he has been telling me how to look after his fruit trees and i tell him the weeds he is telling me to pull up are flowers.
We are waiting for dads false leg hopefuly before sept because ive got tickets to harrogate and we are going,its the bus and im dragging him on if i have to lol,chris

7 Jul, 2019

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