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goodbye to the garden and gateshead


well everything has changed again.hope everyone is well,dad passed in jan after loseing his other leg and unfortunatly i got corona and passed it to dad.
So im putting that behind me and moveing to carlisle to be with my family,ive sold the house and in the process of packing up(tons of stuff to go thru),so I need advice because the house im getting only has a back yard and i need lots of ideas ,im digging up plants and takeing them with me,I will miss the birds,fox and owls and hope I can attract them where im going,any advice would be appreciated and point me in the direction of web pages to get ideas,thankyou chris

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Oh Chris you have been through the mill. Please don't feel you are responsible for you dad's passing. He must have been very poorly initially. Glad you have recovered and ready for the next challenge.

as for the move I think I'd go with raised beds at varying heights to give optical interest. this way you can fill them with the soil to suit what you can grow. Acid based for camellias/rhodos/azaleas if you have never been able to grow them before [I am on chalk so that's out for me.]
if you have a shady part then that could be hostas/ferns etc.
veg if you want it.

Start by drawing a rough scale plan of your yard noting what the sun does during the day then go from there. is the boundary fence or walls as you can grow small climbers in large tubs up against that.

hope you move goes well.

3 Jun, 2020


ty seaburn i do love hostas and ferns ,never thought of a plan good idea ,theres a shed im thinking liveing roof

3 Jun, 2020


Bless your heart Ladybug, you have been through a lot of heartbreak the last few years and my heart goes out to you, you must get that thought about the virus out of your head, your dads health issues were against him as sadly it has been the case with so many people.
Moving near to your family will be a very good move and I wish you well with the move and hope you will be happy in your new home, are you on Facebook ??? there are lots of garden pages on there and some of them are dedicated to small spaces, don't be scared by the fact its FB, I used to be like that many years ago and have found the groups are monitered well and the people very helpful, also check out the small garden pages on here, just go to the A-Z I've just checked it out and it could be helpful to you, saves you scrolling through all the blogs, lol.. Take care now and please let us know how you are getting on..x...

3 Jun, 2020


I'm sorry to hear about your troubles Ladybug, life gets very difficult on times.
Good luck with your new home, it's nice to have a fresh start, and please let us know how your new garden is developing.

I'm no good at giving advice but what Seaburngirl said about raised beds is a good idea, and joining other groups as Lincslass suggests may also help you with some ideas ...

4 Jun, 2020


even better news today,ive i
put a bid in and have been accepted,even better its got a sml garden even betterer a lilac tree ive always wanted one,ty so much for your thoughts,watch this space

4 Jun, 2020


Thats good Ladybug, onwards and upwards..xx

4 Jun, 2020


that is fantastic news Ladybug. I hope the move will be even better now that you know you have your own little green space. I have never had a garden with out a lilac tree, cant imagine not having one really. Enjoy the fragrance next spring and the buttery yellow leaves come the Autumn.

5 Jun, 2020


That's great. What a difference it will make and it gives you a flying start for your new garden. Keep us posted.

5 Jun, 2020

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