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to bee or not to bee


hello again all,so now the house is sold and im even more stressed and do not ever want to do this again,I should be out in two to three weeks.
Im not even thinking about the house all i can think about is the garden and im that exited about it,ive designed what I want but think that im not gong to get anything done this year,One thing tho im thinking of a bee hive and would love some advice,I dont want to make honey I do not like it(sorry),I wondered can i get a mini bee hive just for the garden and help the bee population.
Im sorry I cannot put pics up but my laptop is on its last legs and the t and h dont work well either so its longer to type eveything,hope everyone is well and safe,chris

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Glad everything is ticking along and it wont be too long before your move.

I think any hive would result in honey being produced. I don't like honey either.
get in touch with the local bee keepers association and ask them if they can let you have a hive in your garden but let them manage the honey. then you get the hive and they get the honey.

21 Jun, 2020


And make sure you now who to contact when you get a swarm - someone will then come and collect it.

21 Jun, 2020


I"ve been meaning to say this for a while so please bear with me...… Half a bee, philosophically,
Must, ipso facto, half not be.
But half the bee has got to be
Vis a vis, its entity. D'you see?…

But can a bee be said to be
Or not to be an entire bee
When half the bee is not a bee
Due to some ancient injury?

22 Jun, 2020


ty for the advice seaburn,and ty for the smile this morning bathgate

22 Jun, 2020


Maybe try and encourage solitary bees?

I have them, without me encouraging them, only need a narrow hole, bamboo cane? to get going.

Or even to the extent of making a wall with soft mortar so masonry bees can buzz in & out?

I've seen this used very effectively at RHS Wisley

22 Jun, 2020


Can you still say that when your glass is half empty Paul?

22 Jun, 2020


Oh I see what you've done there Sue; but my cup is filled to overflowing.

22 Jun, 2020


ty grandad thats good too, my garden is going to be a wildlife haven and at some point a pond will be done

22 Jun, 2020


Great Paul- hope you will always be able to say that!

23 Jun, 2020


Always have...:)

23 Jun, 2020


Good luck with your new garden. I hope you can get a bee hive, it sounds a good idea to me :)

27 Jun, 2020

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