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Ive just watched garden rescue again,I love garden programmes and you get such good ideas,but im getting very bored with the rich brothers,is it me but are their gardens all the same.they dont seem to like lawns just paveing a water feature and very expensive trees .ive probably upset someone sorry to all,I think I would rather take the advice on here,chris

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I think the exact same! I'm younger than both of them and I don't like their take on a garden. I much prefer Charlie's and Arits designs to theirs. But everyone's entitled to their own opinions and expressions :)

30 Jun, 2020


Yes exactly my thoughts, their gardens always seem very same ish

30 Jun, 2020


I used to love all these sort of programmes in my 20's/30's then I got very cross about creating an 'instant' garden as so many people think that it is an easy thing to do and so many end up disappointed and with lots of dead expensive plants. Generally I prefer Charlie's designs too, a bit more warmth to them.
I do wonder what the gardens look like a year on. There never seem to be a follow up programme. Did they get all the weeds out?

1 Jul, 2020


I added a like as I thoroughly agree ladybugz. I agree Seaburn that a follow up would be good as I often wonder whether these people are told that the horribly expensive Banana needs to be protected in the winter, or something else needs to be pruned in a certain way and all that grass will take over if you don't look after it. Many times the garden owner asks for something easy to look after and say they know nothing about gardening, then they are given expensive tree ferns! I also notice that there are often Yuccas or spiky Cordylines in gardens with small children, often on a raised bed at eye height! Makes you wonder!

1 Jul, 2020


annoys me when they say these were a bargain only 75.00 each,they are probably dead now.

1 Jul, 2020


I don't watch programs like that. I prefer a garden that develops bit by bit over the years, and that's how you learn about plants.

2 Jul, 2020


ty hywel,your right because i started by growing a bulb when i was 16 and being amazed at it growing,I hope we never lose the amazment at what a seed does.

3 Jul, 2020

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