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end of year


By lammie


Not been to good a year, age is telling, the Council have decided to give us all a third dustbin, as I have no backway I have to keep them on the front and I have now got to try to take out the shrub I planted years ago to hide the two bins to make room for the third, shall have to find something to hide all three, any easy ideas welcomed. Lammie

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Be nice if you could have added some pictures of the garden concerned, and the area with the bins specifically - easier to give solutions if we can see what its like, Lammie. You should be able to edit this blog and add pictures at the end, I think...

21 Sep, 2011


What about a trellis with a climber planted to hide the bins?

21 Sep, 2011


You don't have to have the bin Lammie as your town comes under my town, my daughter does nt have one and she sticks the stuff in the normal bin, they have given us those bins as they sell the stuff out of the blue lidded bin to companies thats why they want us to wash the stuff before binning it, the green bin house hold rubbish fuels the town for the electric cheek. My son sent his back and I am concidering giving them mine back and stick it where the sun don't shine, for the abuse I get off them.

21 Sep, 2011


We have 4 bins, 2 are collected one week and 2 the next. The EC said last week is that we will all have to have 9Bins How ridiculous is that?

21 Sep, 2011


About time we all stuck together and got out of the EC which is corrupt

22 Sep, 2011


Oh gawd blimey, here we go again - everything's 'corrupt', looked at from a certain viewpoint, Sixpence, lol! You can't change human nature...

22 Sep, 2011


The amount of times I ve hear that, normally from people who does nt know want and thats why the country is like it is to day, makes me wonder how some can sleep at night.

22 Sep, 2011

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