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After 60 years of gardening


By lammie


Now coming to the end of my gardening life, enjoyed every moment, have to employ a gardener (Splke) to mow the lawns, weed and clean, just getting in his way by popping the odd plant in, try to pot and grow on in the greenhouse, been a lovely year have enclosed a photo of the inside. Lammie

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Gardening life does not end Lammie. It just slows down,
like me. Look for small things to plant. Colour schemes
to plan. Such as gravel beds with purple flowering plants.
Let your helper do some of the heavier work.
You have the knowledge, can do the easier things.

2 Oct, 2015


Sounds great to have someone to do the lawns and heavy work. Get in his way all you want to, its your garden, and very pretty it looks.

2 Oct, 2015


I agree with both comments, its good to hear from you Lammie, carry on enjoying your garden even if you have had to employ a chappie for the hard graft, its still yours and you obviously still enjoy growing things, very successfully from what I can see....

2 Oct, 2015


This is not the time to give yourself a reason to stop doing what you love doing Lammie. I'm running out of steam too (more quickly at present) and I've learned to lessen my load so I continue moving on down the track. The only way I'm going to stop is if I can't go on any longer(finality) and not by a decision I made not to do something and not to move forward which it seems you are close to doing. You mentioned in your profile that you started gardening during the war. I'm a war vet (Korean)and while I was in it I got through some very bad times by concentrating on only one thing and to heck with everything else and what was that? All I had to do was to put one foot in front of the other. A very simple way of doing things and similar to what I am doing now. The only difference is that it is done not to come out of it alive but to continue to enjoy and love living.

3 Oct, 2015


Very true. I always say if you have to give something up replace it with something else, so that all the hours in the day are occupied. I have just had my touring bike set up on my home trainer in the spare bedroom, so that I can ride it with the window open this winter. The traffic has increased so much here its not safe to ride a bike on the town approach roads.
I am restarting a local cycling club next year on a new format.
The over 50s take the bikes out to a variable pre-arranged local pub near a variable pre-arranged circuit of safe country lanes. The members start in pairs at 5 min.intervals. This means its safer if they do meet traffic or horses and can single out.
Then all return on the planned circuit and enjoy lunch together at the pub. I will be doing the planning and enquiries. My cycling days are over, but I can still be involved in this way. Anyone can do it with emails for free on a computer.

3 Oct, 2015


Sounds a great idea hope you get to join them for lunch .

3 Oct, 2015

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