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We have recently moved house and had to leave a much treasured garden, although luckily we managed to take many plants with us as the new owners were not keen gardeners. Many of the photos I have posted to the site are of the courtyard garden I left behind. This was my first attempt at both garden design and gardening as until I passed the age of 40 I had rarely set foot in our garden and had no interest in gardening at all !!!!!

My new husband and I now have a wonderful horticultural challenge in our new home. We have already created a large raised shrubbery and tree bed at the front of the house where there was once a tarmac drive and are now turning our attentions to the large back garden. It is a 'nice' garden but lacking in character and we need to make it 'ours'.

I have drawn up a design which wil involve clearing virtually everything and starting from scratch. Luckily, our neighbours' gardens are full of beautiful, extremely large, mature trees which will provide us with the borrowed view/backdrop that most people are not lucky enough to have.

We will be spending most of this year planning and completing a glass garden sunroom extension to the house and then hope to start the garden landscaping in earnest in the Spring of next year. Meanwhile I am finding it very difficult to refrain from purchasing plants, shrubs and trees for the new garden. Perhaps I'll just buy a few more and put them in pots in readiness for next year....It is so difficult to break the habit once you've become a gardener !!!!

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