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Garden thief! An extended vent....


By lauram


Something awful has occurred.
This morning, as I ran to my car, late to work as usual, I noticed something strange….some of my flowers, cut and lying on the ground. Clearly, this was no accident; those stems are tough and thick and scissors are necessary. I was irritated, but I had no time to investigate; I had to be at work at 6:30 and it was already 6:15. I backed out of my driveway, turned, and saw more cut flowers; they were behind where my car had been parked. I fumed and complained about it at work – who would take my flowers?
Upon returning home I realized things were worse than I’d thought. My garden had been chopped down, and badly. Some of the plants were almost completely stripped of blooms. All that work, just so some vile person could trespass on my property and selfishly take my flowers for their own enjoyment. Even worse – I normally have a deer camera in my driveway, but I’d locked it to a tree in back because my dogs were getting out of the yard, and I wasn’t sure where their escape route was. So, without the camera, I’ve no idea who could have done this. Everything was normal on Monday night…I didn’t get home until 8:00 because I had to stop at Tractor Supply after work. So whoever did this did it between then and early this morning. It may have been my upstairs tenant; she could have heard me opening my front door, panicked, dropped the flowers and ran back upstairs. If she’d just asked, I would have let her pick some; she didn’t have to help herself.
The camera is now back in place, which took some effort….somehow I’d lost the keys to the cable lock, so I had to cut it with a rusty saw. At least I was able to find a saw. Let’s hope the flower thief strikes again (and doesn’t notice the camera strapped to the tulip tree)!

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Laura I'm so sorry this has happened I hope you catch your thief. Definitely wasn't me! 2 hrs drive at that time of night is crazy.

9 Jun, 2010


that is terrible,if i ever caught someone damageing my garden i would give them a right rollocking,hope you catch them

9 Jun, 2010


That was nasty of that person, hope she or he gets what she or he deserves!!
Thank God, as long as there is still roots in the ground the plants will grow back... All the best.

9 Jun, 2010


As awful as this is, I still think this may be wild animals and thats why its all left behind? Hopefully the camera will catch any returners?

9 Jun, 2010


Oh Georgia I'm so sorry for u. That's a really nasty thing to do on someone that loves gardening. I'd be really upset. When u mentioned ur dogs getting out but u weren't sure where. I though it's the same person letting ur dogs out. They have moved onto ur love of the garden now. U'll have to ask yourself, who might be out to get back at me? I don't mean to frighten u but this could get out of hand & if I were u I'd go to the local police & tell them. Also if I were u I'd keep a log of anything that happens, time & date maybe post it here too, as it's extra back up. Let me know if u find out who did it. Who else cud have seen u move the camera?
Be safe.

9 Jun, 2010


do you have neighbourhood watch over there-- be interesting to know if anyone else has had problems

9 Jun, 2010


morning, this made me feel very sad, im so feeling sorry for you right now.what comes around goes around. hope they get what coming to them.

9 Jun, 2010


No, not animals - these stems were cut with scissors, I'm sure of it. And deer stand there and graze, they don't carry food away to eat later. Some of the flowers were dropped in the driveway. Nothing was trampled, just cut. As far as having a neighborhood watch, well, I wouldn't trust my neighbors to watch anything. I don't know my neighbors and I don't want to know them - the folks on one side keep cutting my cable line & setting animal traps in my wooded area, & the people on the other side accused me of stealing their dog (I didn't know she was their dog; I found her in my driveway with a badly broken leg & took her to the vet & they were furious. They were going to leave the dog tied up to a tree, untreated , the county prosecutor had to get involved, and by the time the poor dog got the surgery she needed she was in such bad shape she didn't survive the anaesthesia). So, these are not really people I want to be involved with. The houses are spread out here with lots of space between them, so I've met very few other residents over the past 4 years.

9 Jun, 2010


What a horrid thing to happen. Hope it didn't take too long to sort it out.
Good luck catching them!

11 Jun, 2010


I am so glad that I have reasonable (not perfect) neighbours, having read about yours!
I do hope that you find ou twho committed such a mean and pointless act. How long would any flowers have lasted in the circumstances? Hardly any time at all.
Have you seen your lodger since it happened?
Good luck and try to keep smiling..

17 Jun, 2010


a very sad blog.

25 Jun, 2010


I think it's safe to assume that your neighbours are the culprits...poor dog. some people should have to have a licence to reproduce!! lol. Are any of them having a wedding or funeral? maybe they wanted your flowers for a reason.

25 Jun, 2010


Sorry to hear your sad story Lauram, it makes you wonder what this world is coming to , doesn't it? Hope everything calms down for you and you have no more episodes. Good Luck !!

27 Jun, 2010


It is hard not to comment on such a wicked unnecessary act of wanton destruction......grrrrr....more cameras needed Lauram, and as Angieindgar suggested log everything.....and report....It didn't seem as if the flowers were even wanted.....just to destroy....your pleasure.....Good luck to you anyway....

4 Jul, 2010


I think the flowers were wanted - I ran into a neighbor the other morning and her garden was attacked the same night! All of her lilies were taken. Someone had knocked on her door that evening claiming to be a friend of her son's, and he asked for a ride to the hospital. Well, she'd never seen him before, so she refused. The next morning her garden had been chopped down. She figured that he'd been ticked off and had done it for revenge. But after we spoke, we realized that it couldn't have been him, it must have been neighborhood kids on a dare or somebody who just really wanted some pretty flowers.

4 Jul, 2010

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