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Time to update this profile - hard to believe I wrote it nearly 5 years ago!

This year will bring a fresh start to my garden. I've been gardening in nearly full shade for the past 9 years, and it has been challenging. But I had to have work done on the very large oak tree that shades my garden, and now I'm actually going to have some sun.....and, hopefully, more flowers. Don't get me wrong, I love my ferns, but some color to break up the green would be heavenly!

Sadly, I had to cut down nearly all my peach trees because of oriental fruit moth; it's a scourge of the peach crop in Georgia, and the chemicals used against this pest are so toxic to frogs and other wildlife that I can't bring myself to use them. So I'm going to focus on vegetables this year. My fiancé has promised to dig a second and larger vegetable garden and fence it in to keep the deer out (they destroyed my tomatoes last year).

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