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Just had my garden revamped. I don't have borders - just a patio area and a new lawn. I'll be 'gardening' in pots and containers.

I live on the south coast of England and have a south facing garden. I'm looking forward to the delivery of a small summerhouse so that me and my cat and dog can enjoy the garden all year round.

Since joining and posting as above, I have MOVED!

Still living in the south of England but I now have a small bungalow with direct access to the garden for my cat and dog (I previously lived in a flat). The garden is SE facing and I am still gardening in pots as my little jack russell is a prolific 'digger'. :0)

The garden is small and I have had decking laid right across the back of the bungalow. There is a small lawn area also and a fence at the back where a very old honeysuckle grew until I annihalated it (it was so woody that it was pulling the fence down).

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