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It has taken my husband and myself some considerable time to get our garden looking good.
Our major problem has been the clay based soil,and also the drainage problem that we had.
We do now feel,that after a lot of trial and error with certain plant,s,we now believe that we have got our choice of plant,s correct,and now we are waiting for them to come in to flower.
We first planted a clematis "The President" 7 years ago,and each year it flourishes and fill,s a wall with an abundance of purple flower,s.
We recently planted another clematis "Lady Diana" and are waiting to see it flower.
We discovered that by planting several conifer,s along the border,s that held most water,were indeed a good way of soaking up a lot of moisture.
I have to admit that I now take my book i.e.RHS plant guide,along with me if I am seeking to buy any further
This book has all information and tip,s as to which plant,s suit which type of soil,and how to care for your plant,s.
It truly is a book that I will alway,s refer to,as it is so
correct in all it,s advice.
I would love to plant a flowering fruit tree,but am un-sure if my soil will allow.
Along with a mixture of colour from the assortment of
shrub,s and plant,s,we have also just made up our hanging bag,s which also add colour,and flower for
month,s through-out the summer month,s.
We are alway,s happy to listen to good advice,or tip,s
in keeping a colourful,healthy garden.

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