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My season has officially started, I have pots of germinated seeds in my propagator. On the 1st of januaryI sowed my sweet peas. I am not growing veg this year so i am going to grow flowers for cutting in my greenhouse. The varities are :-Gypsy Queen(ruby red)
Hunters moon(deep cream)
Painted Lady(pink/white)
Spencer waved mixed
Cuthbertson mixed
Caroline Arwin(lilac pink)
Air warden(scarlet cerise)
Flagship(dark blue)
Red ensign(vivid red)

All have germinated except cuthbertson and flagship. the latter being old seed.

On the 3rd of jan I sowed 2 different carnations,2 types of dahlia, 2 lychis, penstemon, pennisetum,and verbascum. The only one that has germinated is Dahlia coccinea species mixed.

Well that is a good start, and lots more to do.

I have got out to garden twice this year and I have a box full of new plants. Life is good.

Happy gardening!!!

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thats a brilliant result ~ and so quick!
should be fantastic sight and scent when those are all out!

10 Jan, 2011


What a brave and hard working person you are Lemondog - obviously the bad weather doesn't put you off like it does me. Well done.

I shall not sow my sweet peas until around March time. Does it make any difference to the flowers do you think if they are sown later ?

10 Jan, 2011


Sadly I have to battle for space in the greenhouse with the Boss!! (we live in a tide cottage) So don't dare start to sow seeds. Well done you though, looking forward to seeing the results!

10 Jan, 2011


Thanks for all your comments folks I really look forward to them, puts a smile on my face. I have a lot of time to do all these things as i am disabled and do not work, so I am not really good as you all would do the same if you had the time. I have to push myself every day as if I did not I would slip into a decline I would not be able to recover from. Mariek I probably will get blooms before you but yours will catch up and lots of folks say it is best to wait but I find sweet peas respond well to start early as they are hardy. Thanks again folks your comments help me along the day.

12 Jan, 2011


I do sympathise Lemondog, I get days where I feel I could run (I cant tho!) and days when the pain drives me nuts..but there is nothing like some plants and a bit of sunshine to raise the spirits. My spoonful of tonic each rainy day is to get to the greenhouse, even if nothing needs to be done, have an inspection of the plants, and have a good sniff of growing things along the way. I come back in with a head full of ideas or plans and (almost) forget the pain. When the sun shines, or weather permits I toddle around the garden and (very) quietly talk to the plants and birds! Its planting seeds and painting the gazebo parts this week...some settled weather at last, even tho its cold. Havent grown sweet peas, tho my friend does, but trying Echinacea and polemonium this week. Good luck with all yours.

19 Jan, 2011


I'm so sorry you two have to suffer like this. It makes me very grateful that (for the moment) I am healthy! I agree that sweetpeas are good started early lemondog. I always start mine off early. I'm not doing any this year though. I have sowed a packet of mixed hardy geranium seeds though and every day I have a look for signs of germination. Nothing yet though! They've only been there a week or so though, so still plenty of time.

2 Feb, 2011


Hugs and kisses for all those that need (want them!) x Pain is the pits.

2 Feb, 2011


Thanks for those can get depressing..but hey there are a lot that are worse off so a good laugh on here goes a long way to lifting the spirits!

2 Feb, 2011


so true, and after 2 hot toddies doublyllllley tru!

2 Feb, 2011


Im halfway thru a drambuie, I asked my OH for a small glass..not the liqueur size but one up..he brought me up half a whisky tumbler full!

2 Feb, 2011


I had a bit of a sore head this morning Tet!! But it cleared fast when someone came to help me dig up 2 honeysuckle shrubs and one Philodelphus, hope they don't mind being pulled from the earth and feb is a good month to move them as any!

3 Feb, 2011


Thanks folks for your comments, I was reading up on geraniums last night and they said that you have to be very patient for up to 2 years and do not throw them out after a few months. I have tried from my own collected seed but to no avail, maybe I should try again, let me know how you get on with yours Karensusan.

4 Feb, 2011


Dont think I would wait 2 years Lemondog! Thats trying my patience too far....would sooner buy the plant and take cuttings lol!

4 Feb, 2011


I am awful for throwing away seeds that take too long and I am trying to be good but I think they just take up space, maybe patience is not in my nature.

4 Feb, 2011


You are not alone! I maxim is, if it isnt gonna flower in the next year or so its no good..I might not be here to see it at my age..SO I WANT IT NOW!!

4 Feb, 2011

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