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It's all in my head!


And that is the problem, how do I access it? My memory is awful, I have great plans, lots of seed, plants I have propagated and new plants, now all I need to do is put the lot together and complete my dream garden, that is in my head!!!!
As you will know I am disabled, I do not look disabled and that has been a problem more than once. One of my neighbours was chatting to me and said that she thought I was very fit and healthy for my age!! this is amazing as I am very overweight and wear a surgical collar and sometimes need a walking stick and do most of my gardening on my little stool.
That is the trouble I cannot do what I want to do, my body and brain defy me, the traitors!!
I have given up veg growing and now I realise I cannot continue to grow as many plants as I have until now. So a new plan formed in my brain, luckily I now have more money to spend than ever before so I can buy plants and split them, take cutting and so on. But I cannot keep sowing seeds every week.

Trying to get my vision clear and transported to a plan of action, is not easy for me as I have mental problems as well, so I thought I would try and make a plan of all the gardens and number all my plants and have a numbered list with all the plant names for reference.
I have started with the new geraniums I bought last autumn and the new roses and I am just doing the main front garden at the moment. My trouble is I forget to label everything and I remember very little, so I try to study each plant so that I can remember what it is like. I am also trying to make permanent colour groups, I have a blue one and a hot red/orange/yellow one and am trying to introduce more pink into the garden.
I hope you all can read this alright, I have gone on a bit, but it has helped getting down on paper.
I have more geraniums coming this year and have started to collect campanulas and together with the roses will be the backbone of the garden. I am growing some species dahlias again this year and have started collecting grasses, so I am trying for a prairie feel for high summer.
Got to go now as my brain hurts, thanks for listening. happy gardening!

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use the goy garden pages here to log the plant with a photo. then you can 'tag' it and know exactly where it is and what it looks like when not in flower. I use it and it is a great help.
sorry to hear you are not 100% fit though. its so unfair when our body lets us down.

14 Feb, 2011


I know it's a struggle coping when we have disabilities, and also when there are things on our minds. It makes it very difficult to consentrate and then we can become forgetful.
And it's not the way we look but the way we feel.
I'm sure it has helped you to write it all down. I know it does with me. It helps to sort things out in your mind.
Being in the garden also helps. I hope we have a nice spring so that we can all get on with it :o)

15 Feb, 2011


Thanks folks, I do not want to appear downcast, the fact that I have a garden at all is worth living for, I have a lot going for me, it is just a struggle, but one worth doing. I am my own worst enemy, I take on too much, ask my children, they know all about it, I feel guilty because I am not contributing to society so I try and throw myself into other things. Thanks for the encouragement folks, I will get there, even if I take the scenic route.!!

15 Feb, 2011


The scenic route is usually the best route :o)

15 Feb, 2011


sometimes it is the only route, but you see life on the way.

15 Feb, 2011


You certainly do lol !

15 Feb, 2011


Hi Lemondog

I can really sympathis with you regarding your inability to do what you want to because of health problems - I'm just the same.

I just do a bit at a time and what doesn't get done just doesn't get done.

Writing things down on paper always helps me enormously, if only to sort my brain out - I am so forgetful these days it's the only way I can remember everything.

Send us some photos when you get going with your garden - it's always interesting to see other peoples' gardens, especially those who are a similar position to me.

15 Feb, 2011


Thanks Mariek, I will post the photos when the time comes. I could not do any gardening today as it was too cold and my sinuses and neck were too painful, so I stayed in a painted an Iris.

15 Feb, 2011


Sorry to hear that your not feeling 100% at the moment Lemondog, hope you will be feeling better soon! Can't wait to see the photos of the new prairie look, it sounds good!

15 Feb, 2011


Bless you, you can only do what you can and if your garden and plants please you then that is fine. Dont worry about seeds etc. that is hard work, take the easy option and send for or buy the plants you love and then you will have peace of mind. It is far too cold at the mo. to go out and work so stay in the warm for a while.

15 Feb, 2011


Thanks again every one I know it is too cold, but it is hard to change habits made over a life time, I still feel guilty. I have just had an email from my council, I enquired about selling some plants from home and they have oked it as long as it does not get out of hand. That will give me a boost, I can sow things for selling, them I don not have the hard work of planting them all, and it will give me money to buy plants, I am excited.

16 Feb, 2011


I'm sorry to hear you're not A1 , I have a back problem that restricts me from doing as much as I would like .. the selling of your plants sounds a good idea , I love stopping to see what plants people have for sale on the road side ,I might even be stopping at yours one day , we have had a cat coming into our house for this last month eating our cats food it looks just like the one in your Avatar it frightened me to death in the hall last night ... :o)

7 Mar, 2011


If the cat is anything like my Ellie, you should be afraid very afraid, she is a deadly killing machine, she lures you in by showing you her lovely fluffy belly and then goes in for the kill. You have to be very brave and give the cat more food, tee hee. sorry could not resist. thanks for your interest Amy, i hope your back improves and that you get good sunny weather with which to enjoy your garden this spring.

9 Mar, 2011


Lemondog....I've not visited your blog before but will look in now that I've discovered it :) It is always frustrating when our bodies let us down (I feel much the same with health issues) and you are doing very well to continue and not give up on your enjoyment of your garden.

Your kitty sounds like the boss for sure...a deadly killing machine as you say. I bet she is good company for you though...

I hope you find it interesting and profitable now that you have the ok from your council to sell some of your plants. You will enjoy meeting people that way as well which will cheer you :)

14 Mar, 2011


Thanks for your comments but I cannot sell my plants at the moment as I cannot earn any money on incapity bebfit, I have sent off to hold a plant stall for the RSBP in the summer, so that will keep me focused I hope, lovely to hear from you.

16 Mar, 2011


Lemondog, I sell plants on my driveway and thru ebay. I have to watch what I earn as cannot go over a certain level. However, I can show that the cost of the seeds/plants and the compost and pots are the same, if not more than what I make. Also, when you are disabled you need therapy and gentle gardening is therapy for many people. So tell the powers that be to bog off, this is your holistic medicine!! Just because you are disabled doesnt mean you have to sit indoors all day looking at four walls, thats ridiculous, you are doing what any sensible person would do, keep active, keep occupied and the interest helps with your memory too.

24 May, 2011


Thank you so much TT, I will take your advice and act on it, I have been feeling totally useless lately so your words are balm to my soul, thanks again .LD

27 May, 2011


Have a word with your Doc, tell him how much better you feel, but you are worried about people saying you are not disabled if you can garden. Get him to put it on record that he recommends it for your mental wellbeing, although it doesnt alter your physical disability. You can only potter for a given amount of time.

27 May, 2011


Thanks TT, I am lucky with my doctor, he listens!

4 Jun, 2011


Now that IS a blessing!!

4 Jun, 2011

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