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a fresh start


January, a wonderful new start and lots to look forward to. I began sowing seed on jan ist and have sowed three lots now and have pricked out the first ones and have ones to prick out tomorrow or the next day and loads of seed lined up waiting for their turn.

As usual I started with new sweet peas and they are, Leamington lilac lavender, blue velvet mid-blue, cream ripples cream lavender edges, Mrs R Bolton almond pink on white and geranium pink a nice delicate pink. I also sowed dahlia bishop,s children.

When they were pricked out I sowed all last year sweet pea seed and that has just started shooting up, then all my different glory vines and three different coreopsis.

I bring my compost in the house in a large bucket already mixed and work on the table in the front room, which also serves as the seedlings first home for a few weeks. Yes January is full of promise and there are beginnings of life in the garden also. Happy gardening.

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A really early start Lemondog. I've just received my order of seeds from Derry Watkins but so far have just looked at the packets!

18 Jan, 2012


Lovely new beginnings there, not too long to wait now!

18 Jan, 2012


You certainly have got things organised there Lemondog.

19 Jan, 2012


You are off to a good start Ldog . well done ! I must get started on mine , you have a lot going on in your garden as well it's lovely to see them poking their way through the soil .........

19 Jan, 2012


Your off to a really good start, I haven't even brought most of the seeds I want to have a go with lol. I'm planning on spending next weekend planting my lilly bulbs and sowing some seeds. Only problem is where to put them lol.

Youve got a lot going on in your garden by the looks of it, lots of lovely flowers on your hellebores. Its great to see the new plants poking their heads out of the soil, a welcome reminder that spring is on its way :)

19 Jan, 2012


thanks folks, i am glad I have inspired you, I spent this afternoon pricking out the last of the sweetpeas, the sun was coming through the window, warming me up and the birds were singing. What a lovely January day.

19 Jan, 2012


I'm very impressed, I like those little propagators that fit so well on your windowsill.

19 Feb, 2012


thanks for your comments very helpful

1 Mar, 2012


Hi Lemondog I found you very inspiring at the beginning of 2012 when we had just had a slither on the stairs along with my OH and we both landed in hospital. He with a paralysed forearm and me with a broken left ankle. You were determined to start the year on a high note. In spite of aches and stiffness you made a flying start .I hope you are still gardening through this difficult weather. My ankle is soso and OH arm recovered full use.

14 Aug, 2012


Well I am pleased you found my blog inspiring, I am feeling very down at the moment and wondering what is the point of me, so thanks again, I am glad you liked it, happy gardening, and hope you both have a complete recovery.

30 Aug, 2012


Sorry you arn't feeling very bouyant at this time Lemondog. It is strange that the winter is said to be depressing to many people due to lack of light etc. Yet as Autumn looms gardeners may feel 'here we are again' all that effort and planning, and the roses have black spot, perlargoniums rust, holes in the cabbages, apples falling before you can pick them. 'What is the point' occures to me too. Lots of personal loose ends potentially to be flapping in the gales of autumn. Just have to get planning again.....try and find Early Harvest tulip bulbs, not send away for them. Sort out my Heucheras for the circle cleared of weeds. Prune the Choisyas for the third time. What we want is a nice kind, quiet Indian summer to guide us into the winter.

31 Aug, 2012


im really interested in early sweet peas ldog any help would be appreciated i keep planting good varietes in pots but they wont germinate ,i love your ways of propogation maybe you could teach me & inspire me ,thanks

26 Oct, 2012


I am very flattered but I thank you. There is no secret to this, just sow in january in heated propagator, I cram as many different types in the the liitle trays as I can get. Then open the vent holes when they germinate, then take the top off altogether when they reach the top. Prick out into small cells, the longer ones are best , grow on the window sill, or if you have a greenhouse with good light, put them in there. Pot on again into medium sized pots, the longer the better. Move outside but shelter from the worst weather, or move to greenhouse or frame, pinch out the tips and grow on. Plant some up into large pots for the greenhouse for cutting and train up poles and there you have it. Hope this helps cheers ld

30 Oct, 2012

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