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For the love of Irises part 5


And now for the big ones, the undisputed Kings and Queens of bearded Irises……… Tall bearded Iris.

Where to start, these are becoming a bit of obession with me, which would not normally be a problem, except that I only have small gardens and only the front one is suitable for growing these beauties. I think I will list in height.

So at 30 inches we have Immortality good scent and a rebloomer…

Pleasant Surprise, very interesting colours but I like it…

At 32 inches Autumn Encore, really livens up any patch, vibrant colour…

Also at 32 inches is Magician’s Masterpiece, amazing colour

At 33 inches we have Berry Blush, full of fruitiness….

Carolina Gold, wonderful colour brightens up even the dullest day…..

At 34 inches we have Vibrations, new last year, it really stands out…..

Sultan’s Palace ….

Alaskan Seas

And Lightning Streak, beautiful colours…..

At 35 inches is Wabash……………..

And Bronco Down, I have had this one for a while now and it never fails to please………..

At 36 inches is Rippling River, gorgeous colours……….

Totally different colour, is Orange Jewelius……

This is Jump for Joy, it was sent by mistake but a nice mistake…….

I think this one is incredibly beautiful, it is enchanting, a group of these lovelies would enhance any garden, her name is Beverley Sills……..

Rajah is next a good old-fashioned plant and lovely for it………….

This is the last one of the 36 inch ones, Fall Fiesta, another one which never fails to perform, a stalwart…..

37 inches starts with Sweet Musette, sublime, it looks like ice-cream tastes, wonderful…..

Mulberry Blue….

Suky, new this year soft fruity colour…..

Next is Loyalist new this year, deep colour…..

Mulberry Echo I love this plant….

Electric Surge was a bonus plant last year and it blends nicely with the others I bought…………..

Last of the 37 inches is Commanche Drums, I have had this a while and it has settled down nicely…..

At 38 inches is Megabucks new last year very colourful….

Night Owl is one of the orginal stock that has taken many years to bloom, worth the wait………

Still at 38 inches is Firenze Red, I was a little disappointed with this when it first bloomed, as it was a dull day and it looked just dark, but when the sun comes out it is more red…….

Malaguena stands at 40 inches and is full of juicy colour…

So at 42 inches comes my tallest and my last tall bearded iris, so far.Long’s Peak wonderful contrast between petals and beard…..

That is it, finished until next spring when I look forward to seeing my 13 new irises flower, plus the ones that did not bloom this year. I leave you with a few iris group pictures and to wish you all a good gardening New Year.

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You have some wonderful irises lemondog, such beautiful colours, I like them all. I am definitely going to try some of the shorter ones and have really enjoyed your blogs.

Happy New Year to you too.

1 Jan, 2014


Thank you Jaykaty, I promise you get hooked, there is no way back, when you buy your first Iris, but it will an exciting journey. I could send you some small plants, if you like, when the time comes, happy gardening.

1 Jan, 2014


Oh my, so many gorgeous colours to choose from. Considering you have a small garden, you have packed in some beautiful plants. Lovely to see them on such a drab evening ... :o)

1 Jan, 2014


WOW!!!! What a wonderful selection - I've a couple of iris that have in years passed struggled in the back garden - a bit too moist for them. I've given them their last chance in the front garden. If they are a success I'll be giving more a chance.
I'm going to save this to my favourites for reference.
Great set of blogs Lemondog.

1 Jan, 2014


and this was well worth the wait. truly stunning pictures too.
thanks for sharing.

1 Jan, 2014


Thanks folks, glad you enjoyed it, this is a good time of the year to get caught up with sorting out plants, rewarding too and it lifts the spirits to see such colour and blue skies, I have really enjoyed doing this, cheers everyone.

2 Jan, 2014


Oh my word! What a beautiful collection! Oh, Sultans Palace and Mulberry Echo!! Absolutely stunning...but they are all gorgeous!

23 Jan, 2014


Glad you like them, a bit of cheer for this time of the year.

29 Jan, 2014


Have added this to my favourites. I really do love irises! :))

29 Jan, 2014


Glad you like it and that like me you love Irises, roll on spring!!!!!!!!!!

6 Feb, 2014


Oh my how did I miss this!!!! wonderful blog Lemondog I really enjoyed it, all your iris are stunning, adding to my faves too. I can feel a new addiction coming on lol ;-)

8 May, 2014


Just let it flow Simbad, let it flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 May, 2014


Your Iris photos are beautiful and inspired me to join Goy. I have tried 3 times to reply but made a hash of it. Think I have succeeded now.

17 May, 2014


Thank you Siris and welcome to GOY, we are a friendly bunch and we learn from each other.I am pleased that you liked my blog, I sometimes think that growing beautiful flowers is a bit pointless if it is only I that sees them, so it is very good that others can see their glory too.

17 May, 2014


I bought Commanche drums and Istanbul from Chaileys last year, have not flowered yet. Hope they turn out like yours. My " bonus" Bronco Down (flowering) is more like the catalogue pic. Two others Anaconda Love and Diva do (new last order, flowering) are not at all what I ordered. The rest of my order won't flower this year - perhaps more disappointment next year! Am in correspondence with above, but am becoming most cynical. I need to get this off my chest. Also reorganise the Iris bed so the tall,tall ones are not in front of the smaller ones.
Grumpy Old Sirus.

22 May, 2014


I agree with you, I was thinking about them the other day because I have got disappointments again this year, and thought that I have had mistakes from them every year I have bought from them. I had just emailed them about my order from this year and I have told them that the bonus plants do not really make up for the wrong plants. I have been trying to buy sugar magnolia for a few years now, so I wrote and said, although they said it was out of stock again, would they let me know when they had stock in. The wrote back that they had a few and that if I clicked on the out of stock button I could have one this year. Imagine my disappointment when I received my order and the sent a replacement again! They are always generous with their bonus plants and they have always replaced the ones that turned out wrong but that does not make up for it and sometimes they will not have the one you wanted and substitute another. Their prices are the best as is their selection, so I keep buying from them, but shall I in future. I have have had many not flowering the first year, so some times I do not find out that they are wrong until the next year. well Sirus, I think my moan is bigger than yours!!! cheers Lemondog.

22 May, 2014


Exactly, I thought I was having senior moments! I have only been buying from them for 2 years but it seems to me that they send whatever they have the most of. I have yet to reply to his offer of replacements. One always feels an obligation to order again but I think I will reconsider. I was going to order Sugar Magnolia myself this year, but I think you have first call on any!
I am going to a wedding in Norfolk in June and will visit Woottens Iris fields open day with a view to ordering from them this year. Any experience ? Thank Siris

23 May, 2014


I would except their offer of replacement plants, I have and I am not buying from them again. As regards Wootten I have only scrooled the Iris pages of their website and I am hoping to go this year as well, it looks good, we will have to taste and see! I have just sold 3 lots of irises on ebay and am feeling very proud of myself. Happy hunting, Lemondog.

28 May, 2014


Snap, but I have left it too late to order from Woottens, all the ones I was interested in are now out of stock. It's the early bird that gets the worm, so I have just bought 2 from Ebay Stevenoff. Have bought Carnaby from there previously no problems. Have a look at Cayeux, although the postage is expensive.
Thanks Lemondog.

28 May, 2014


Lemondog, I'm sure it's already been said .. but what a fabulous selection of Iris's. I see this is PART 5! You surely have enough great photos to illustrate your own book ..... ;-)

5 Jun, 2014


Thanks for saying that Alanb, I have many many discs of pictures most of which are garden of plants, I love doing it, but I seem to come unstuck in the printing of them, I cannot get the colour right.

17 Jun, 2014

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