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I have a passion for plants, garden plants as well as house plants. I particularly enjoy trying to revive a plant (houseplants usually) that has been given up for dead. I try to grow vegetables as well and grown runner beans in a large tub with an obelisk on my patio; I have had great success with this method. I also grow potatoes on the patio, as well as wonderful sweet peas also in a large tub with an obelisk. I have a small, raised bed in which I grow beetroot, radishes, lettuce, spring onions and spinach. Unfortunately, my garden is extremely small, long and narrow and a neighbour insists on growing enormous trees along one of our boundaries which faces South so the light is quite poor, hence my growing things on the patio that require good sunlight. I have 11 grandchildren and took on an allotment but had to give it up as I couldn't find enough time to do it justice. I also have a passion for wildlife and feed my birds, hedgehogs and fox.

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