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don’t know you but I’m not even enough satisfied of my results!

don’t know how to explain, I’m not English,I’m Italian,
the problem is that I feel like I haven’t enough time to spend working in the roof garden and then in the front yard and then in the house and then cooking and then shopping and doing and doing and doing and at the end of the day feeling like that I have lost a lot of time!

I feel like k should need days of 48 hours!
maybe it’s the same for everyone but I’m in truble!

anyway tomorrow is another day!
and I’ll start again!

bonsai needs a haircut,parsley needs translating,cobea too,
floor needs a brushing ,house is a m

many clothes to iron ,floor to wash, bedroom ?!

sons rooms !!
on time for having a walk in the town ,
not still yet gone one day to the beach
I feel summer is running away and at the same time like it didn’t begin

will I be able to do all these things?

do you know the white rabbit from Alice in wonder land ?

only for today !

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I am similar Lia, but because it is so warm and sunny here....and this only happens about one in every 7 years....I say never mind the indoor jobs! And when I am on my deathbed am I going to say "I wish I had done more housework"? I don't think so! So don't worry about son's room...get to the beach! :))

13 Jul, 2013


I agree with Karen, enjoy the weather while it lasts, housework can wait, it's too hot to work indoors anyway!

13 Jul, 2013


As the famous man on T/V show Dad's Army said " Dont panic ! "
You could use that Parsley by chopping it to sprinkle on savoury meals. It contains more Vitamin C than Citrus fruit.

13 Jul, 2013


How well I know that feeling, liasciubba! Beware the effect it can have on your health, even in years to come. It has taken me far too long to realise that I am not superwoman and that the world will not end if everything doesn't get done. Now I prioritise and do what I can comfortably cope with ...... eventually most will be done but not necessarily as soon as I would wish, and what doesn't get done probably isn't that important anyway. Life should be enjoyable, and many tasks are more enjoyable when they are shared. So share with your son, especially managing his room .... I did this with my son yesterday, we both felt much better after recycling much of his wardrobe, and the laughs we had!
Must go and follow my own advice, repot Easter Cactus or attack the ironing pile .... it is cooler indoors so the ironing has it!

13 Jul, 2013


No one is ever really satisfied with their work, there's always room for improvement - things never look as good as they did in your imagination when you were planning!

13 Jul, 2013


very sound advise from everyone Lia....

13 Jul, 2013


Morning, whilst it's still cool - roof garden
Afternoon - front yard
Evening relax before bed.
Ironing - you don't need ironed clothes in the garden and sons can iron their own
Cooking - let sons learn how
floor to wash (?) - it will keep until it next rains
Shopping - you can have the occaisional morning off the garden if you wish, otherwise home delivery.
Sons rooms - no way!!!!!
Hope this soves your time table for you, liasciubba

13 Jul, 2013


thanks everyone for supporting me !
you are all so lovely!
thank you Bulbaholic!
what a strange name you chose for G o y !
what are you a bulbs fan?

13 Jul, 2013


Spot on, Lia. Bulbs are of great interest to to me along with alpines and woodland plants.

13 Jul, 2013


a work colleague told me how I could solve the same problems that you have. He said I needed what he had. intrigued I asked . his reply A wife!! My husband said only if he could chose her. cheeky chap,

13 Jul, 2013


B u l b a , can I call you this way?
I took a look at your photos, magnetic !
I love bulbs too but I have generic ones, tulips
n a r c I s I ,lilium,and I love acidantera
nothing in compares of yours!
congratulations !

13 Jul, 2013


Seaburngirl that's funny!

13 Jul, 2013

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