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A Special Place


By libby


Hi All,
Hope everyone is well, I was out today just pottering and enjoying a dry and sunny day for a change. I thought this place is so special to me and then thought because of that we all create a special place for nature as well.

The baby Robins have been around today and seem fit and well, it was so amazing to watch their parents back and forth looking after them and the result three cute little Robins.

My task today is to plant two Veronica’s and a couple of grasses in the middle of my long border. I have also brought a new hoe now with a longer handle to reach the back of the border in an effort to keep the weeds down.

Last year I was lucky to grab a bargin, our local DIY was closing and I purchased eight Buddlea’s five of them drawf. I planted them two under my Rowan tree in a little border and the rest up in a patch of ground that was always a trouble to fill. I pruned them down end February/March and watered them well specially by the tree, fed them in spring. They are sprung into growth with their arching branches that seem to say ‘Ta Ta’ look at me. I can just see the flower heads forming I think it will call for some photos when they arrive.

Happy Gardening

Take Care


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Gardens ARE very special places. I always take an amble around mine (unless it's pouring!) and pull up an odd weed or nip off a dead head or just to see what's flowering and to enjoy the garden! Why not?

22 Jun, 2008


I love being in my garden, just pottering about, i'm so fed up with the weather today, gales looks like middle of winter today.

22 Jun, 2008


I love my garden its my haven from all lives woes

22 Jun, 2008


Very well said Janette. I 150% totally agree :)

22 Jun, 2008


Oh my, just looking back at what was said back on 22/06/2008 by Clarice, well well nothing has changed by the looks of it, the weather has been the same even after all the (Junes) that have passed us by.

12 Jul, 2012


I`ve just been thinking the same thing Michaella....

12 Jul, 2012

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