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Snow Time


By libby


I woke this morning and realised that April can be so fickle, last year we were enjoying the sun this month. I don’t really mind but it does affect all the little creatures that inhabit my garden.

We have just lately had a spell of fairly mild and dry weather and all things plants insects and animals in my garden have been growing and going about their business.

I have two rather large wild pideons that live a few conifers away they have names Walter and Waynetta ( i think they are a pair) as they seem to always be bickering and the smallest one certainly does wear the trousers.

I like them they are so cheeky and always around when i am in the garden.

I sometimes think how they do they cope but i think we have all had to get used to the changing seasons and we look out for each other.

I have plenty of greenhouse gardening to keep me busy in the next few weeks lets hope the sun returns soon.

Happy Days All.


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I have a couple of collared doves that visit my garden everyday for food (well I like to think it's the same couple everytime). I have nicked named them George and Mildred. Whenever they are in the garden, one feeds whilst the other looks out for danger. I always find it touching to see them looking after one another.

6 Apr, 2008


It still amazes me this wonderful British weather of ours!
Lovely snow capped garden

6 Apr, 2008

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