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Wildlife in the wrong place!


By lijemc


I’m all for encouraging wildlife into the garden and I don’t mind seeing any type of creature outside. However, I object when one of my cats decide to bring a live baby mouse into the house! yikes!

Cookie came in and his mouth looked a bit different, so just as I was taking a closer look, Cookie opened his mouth and a baby mouse ran out!

The mouse ran under a chair, I jumped and Cookie ran after the mouse!

Luckily for me (probably not for the mouse), Cookie caught the mouse again straight away and whilst Cookie was crouched down thinking about what his next step should be, I grabbed him (with the mouse in his mouth) and put them both outside and shut the door and locked the cat flap!

Cookie is now in the garden playing (although I doubt if the mouse thinks of it that way) with the mouse and Cookies brother Sam is now joining in. The poor mouse doesn’t stand a chance now and I feel quite sorry for it now, but i won’t be inviting it back in!

I know cats do it because its supposed to be their way of bringing you a present, but I’m quite happy looking after the cats without expecting any gifts in return! lol :-/

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Oh dear! We have spent many hours rescuing mice, voles, birds etc. from our cats. Love my cats but do hate it when they catch things.

29 Jul, 2012


Sorry to hear of your escapade.
I've lost count of how many times I've chased field mice and voles around the kitchen :o( I take them down to the hedge behind the garden and tell them to go to the far side of the field, but I don't think they take my advice.

29 Jul, 2012


Don't you just hate that. I get all sorts from my 3 boys, one who is called Kooki :)
Like Hywel - we are forever rescueing them all and taking them to the fields.
I did a blog recently of the time they brought a mole home - you might enjoy it :)

29 Jul, 2012


Oops!. ;0)))

30 Jul, 2012


This is the first time one of the cats has actually brought anything in. I guess it's a sign of things to come! lol :-)

30 Jul, 2012


mine cat is now too old ( 18 years old)she sits by the patio window watching the odd mouse pass,doesn't even look interested any more, gone are the days when we came back of holiday to be greeted with a(unwanted) present.

30 Jul, 2012


I can cope with live mice (throw a towel over it and scoop up!) but it's when my little darling brings in lizards from my sunny wall outside that I get frantic - they are just too fast for me! I do get baby birds (often headless, alas) deposited lovingly at my feet... Have also had a small bat, once (alive, I coaxed it out by turning off the indoor lights & leaving on a garden one).

(PS I read recently that they do this to "feed their babies" - I may be nearing my second childhood, but I wish I could persuade Tallulah that , at present, I'll stick to spag bol & tea and toast, please - NOT wildlife!)

Don't you just LOVE our cat-companions!

8 Sep, 2012


Yes, despite their annoying habits, i love them to bits. Like you though I'd rather stick to toast as well! :-)

8 Sep, 2012


Locking the cats out often happens here, Harry our white fluffy one always gives a warning as he`s so proud when bringing a gift that he`ll come up the garden calling, its a horrible noise and different to his other miaows, if we hear that we know to shut doors and block the catflap, lol....

26 Sep, 2012


lol! At least you get a warning I guess Lincslass! ;-)))

27 Sep, 2012

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