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I can't wait to ...


By lijemc


be able to come home from work, go straight out into the garden, enjoy the light, warm evenings and potter around or just sit and enjoy the garden and nature.

What can’t you wait for?

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My delv of my new VW UP soon.

6 Feb, 2013


To sit outside in some warm sun!!

6 Feb, 2013


A bit of warmth and the sun on my back as I potter about in the garden!

The down side to that is the as the warmth returns, so do the slugs!!!!

6 Feb, 2013


I agree with you Scottish ooooh the warmth of the sun !!

6 Feb, 2013


This freezing cold wind to stop.....

6 Feb, 2013


Several things:
go to work in the light [ i have to be at work for 6 am]
sit in my garden chair ~ with no coat on!
to see a fountain sparkling against a deep blue sky
to see the sun on the grass/moss in my back garden
oh and eat chocolate!

6 Feb, 2013


That all sounds good SK, LB, Scottish,KG, PG and ST. Hopefully it won't be too long before the wait is over!

6 Feb, 2013


OH to have the tea on the go for when I get in from work would be a start. then sun, warmth, few slugs, no weeds and 'world peace' [appolgies to Miss Congeniality]

6 Feb, 2013


oh SBG ~ tea made by OH ~ dont think that will be happening here!!!!! i shall be waiting for hell for freeze over.

no slugs is a good thought.

6 Feb, 2013


Get myself a large torch to go out in the dark and knife the slugs.

7 Feb, 2013


I can't wait for Spring :o) It's taking too long ... lol

7 Feb, 2013


I know Hywel. I keep thinking Spring is on its way and then we get another cold spell and more snow!

7 Feb, 2013


You've had more snow ? :o(

7 Feb, 2013


The first thing I'm waiting for is the hellebores in the local nursery to open so I can choose what to get. Then for the ground to be dry enough to get started.

7 Feb, 2013


To be able to sit once again on our lovely large balcony - in the mornings with a cup of strong Spanish coffee; in the evenings with a glass of red or rosado - and to be able to wear linen trousers and a strappy top while imbibing the above beverages!!!!!

9 Feb, 2013


DianeB you bloodthirsty wee rascal, you made me choke on my cuppa!
Me, I want to see bees & butterflies heading for my flowers and to smell the honeysuckle & nightstock, as the sun dips, following the 1st full sunny day this yr.
'Course, a toast with an ice cold beer will be part of that, lol!

16 Mar, 2013

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