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March 11


By lil


Rain this morning, hd some yesterday, but it’s a shock after a month os temps in thei low twenties. We need the rain, french farmers are already complaining about the lack of it, I was complaining about the lack of it, as we don’t get it now, we’re doomed ! well I have to think of the spuds ! I planted them in feb, my first earlies and they need rain. birds very active today, busy gathering for their nests, I still feed them as I enjoy them coming so close to the house. The nuthatch is the only one that seems to frighten the tits away from the table.The camellias are looking lovely and the helleborus as well, though they are going over, on their last days I suppose, they bloom for so long.
Peach trees are in full bloom and I hope we have no frost to rob us of fruit later on.I do so love Spring !

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