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March 12th 2008


By lil


much better today, hardly any rain and quite mild….the garden feels like it grew overnight, can’t believe the inches that some plants have put on just in the last few days. hyacinths are all out and what lovely scent they give out; Went to the market and bought some new poultry, hens, Light Sussex, ducks, and my friend brought me around some quail. I’ve popped them all in the aviary so I have time to prepare the hen pen better against the fox, he doesn’t pass much with the ordinary hens I have the outside hen pen, but as soon as I put in poultry that sets me back a few euros, on he comes for his gourmand supper!

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gourmand....are you sure you don't mean gourmet...if it's quail he's stalking? lol. How many fowl do you have all together? La France.... Sud ou Nord?
Have to admit to being a little awestruck when people talk of spring arriving in March. Yes I know the calendar says it is so...but where I live it is still lovely hellebores or hyacinthes yet. Just curious about living in France...Hope you will blog some more about your poultry. Must help to make lovely compost for your garden!!?

19 Mar, 2008


Hi lori, no he's a gourmand as he only likes the best !! yes spring is here, even though it has turned a bit chilly. I have around 20 poultry at the moment, but have had much more, so building back up. I am in the south west;;;;;;
I love poultry, always have had them when i could, and yes helps no end with the compost.

20 Mar, 2008

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