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Seedlings: Plumeria, Cassia, Delonix Regina


So this spring i learned and became very interested in plumeria seedlings, i had known for a long time that plumerias could produce seeds, but i just assumed that cuttings were far superior and could bloom that year or next year after being stuck and rooted. Come to my surprise plumeria seedlings take genes from their mother and father plants and could end up a completely different color, WOW you can grow your own variety of plumeria, that is pretty cool!!! So why doesnt everyone just grow seedlings, where there is a catch, if you are not a true gardener who wills LOTS of patience then a seedling is a waits of time, they can take anywhere from 3-6 years to bloom!!! but that wait is well worth it, my old neighbor before they moved had seedling for 3 years and they bloomed and it was spectacular, some where just like their parent plants and others were completely knew!!!! it was really cool to wait and see the flowers evolve. their first blooms are usually different and then their second batch of flowers are their true colors and smells. very interesting plants considering they are succulents. i also had just made a trip back from hawaii where i collected sum cassia seeds, the shower trees as they are called, Cassia Fistula, and some other hybrid forms of it and Cassia Javanica, they are yellow, pink and one white variety. they are not grown around where i live in Southern California, probably due to our winters being just slightly too cool, but i have had a cassia fistula x Neale from hawaii that is a hybrid that does not produce seeds and it has survived 2 winters so far and is heading into its 3rd fall now at a height of around 4ft :) i am hoping they all survive and yield those wonderful flowers that cover the whole tree. Also i am growing some Delonix Regina seedlings, they do grow fairly well here in So Cal so i am excited, because they bloom in summers with the entire tree covered in red blossoms. Most of my cassia and delonix seedlings are only a 1 year old but my plumeria seedlings are mixed 1 and 2 year olds, since its entering fall they will soon lose their leaves and sleep, but i wll keep posting on my seedlings progress.


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Your plants look very healthy, is this area dry heat or humid? I wondered because if its humid do you have mould problems?

21 Sep, 2009


These plants are new to me. I've never seen them before. I look forward to seeing their progress.

21 Sep, 2009



You're seedlings are impressive! I especially like your
Cassia x 'Neale". It's not very widely grown here. I do
think there should be many more growing here. My feeling is that Cassia leptophylla - Gold Medallion tree is the the Cassia most liked and very widely used in CA.

Cassia fistula and javanica are a little more commonly grown. Disneyland has some impressive Cassia fistula trees.

I have seeds for Cassia fistula, javanica, nodosa, grandis, roxburgii...if you're ever intersted.

There's a large Cassia grandis - Coral Shower tree growing and blooming at Fullerton Arboretum. It's located next to the largest of the Delonix regia - Royal Poinciana trees next to the pond.

25 Sep, 2009

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