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Hello Everyone
My Name is Liliana and I am a 57-year-old retired lawyer. I live in The south of Serbia with my husband in a house with a beautiful garden. We both enjoy gardening and grow all kinds of subjects including hardy perennials, shrubs and climbers. We are also fond of hardy alpines and other low-growing plants. We love to see the wildlife which visits our garden as well. We experience a typical continental climate, but due to a number of high mountain ranges which run through our country, it is very unpredictable. We have a mean annual precipitation of about 50cm well distributed throughout the year. In Winter this may fall as snow and we can have snow cover for several months at a time. The winter temperatures can fall at times to well below minus 30 Centigrade; in Summer they can achieve highs above 40 Centigrade and of course often together with abundant sunshine. There is no place for tender plants to grow outside all-year round in Serbia. I am fond of good music, literature and dancing, besides having many other interests. I would also like to contact others who share my interests and will always respond to Emails. I can be contacted on Skype (Free internet phone service offering video, voice or text) via the Skype directory as, ‘Likica12’ and or ‘Ljiljana’. I shall be posting my own pictures in due course and would like to thank other members for sharing so many beautiful and interesting photographs.
Best wishes from Serbia.

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