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The Sky's the Limit


By lily2


an alternative view of some of the flowers in my garden

Armed with a little more knowlege from the camera manual and lots of inspiration from GoY members, I thought I’d have a go at photographing some of my plants using different settings and from different angles, mostly from below. No I didn’t lay down in the flower beds as I’d never get up again! Just held the camera underneath in what I hoped was a good position and ‘clicked’.

After I’d taken a few I realised that the sky, be it blue, cloudy or night time, is a wonderful background for flowers. Some of the photos are of the same plant with different sky as I couldn’t make up my mind which I preferred! The results were rather hit and miss and the better ones were more luck than judgement.

Here are some of the more successful ones……..

Dahlia – variety unknown


Trailing Begonias

Sanguisorba – this one’s for Hywel, it came from his garden





Dahlia- Bishop of Llandaff

Clematis “Etoile Violette”

Choisya “Sundance”

Cosmos “Sonata”




Geranium “No Idea Variety” ! ( a Wyevale freebie)

…..and last of all, this strange person following my every move!

These 3 additions are for Bornagain

More Argyrantheum


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Some lovely pics and unusual angles...Nice going :-)

18 Aug, 2010


Well done Lily, I like them, isn`t it good to play sometimes, you`ve disappointed me tho, I had a mental pic of you flat out on the ground, sky

18 Aug, 2010


You have taken some brill photos. I especially like the second photo of the Argyrantheum.

18 Aug, 2010


Lovely - lots of unusual angles thanks for sharing, the person following you looks harmless I shouldn't worry :o)

18 Aug, 2010


Brilliant Lily, I too liked the Agapanthus especially the midnight blue back ground, was it taken at midnight ?
I have visions of you lying in the garden in the dark and your neighbours saying "There goes that strange person again"
Tee heee !

18 Aug, 2010


Lovely pics,Lily,I like them all too.I will have to experiment too,as they are much more have done a great job,well done...:o))

18 Aug, 2010


Talk about getting a new perspective on things! I think this idea might 'growonus'. Some of the photos would make lovely cards. They really are very good and the colours of the flowers must make your garden GLOW!
That mystery person has a good taste in 'baggy pants'. I am all for them. :-)

18 Aug, 2010


Fabulous pics Lily ! :~)

19 Aug, 2010


nice pic's

19 Aug, 2010


I'm with Simplylyn - thought calendar myself. I'm still waiting for my sanguisorba to flower - everything's always late here. Particularly like the cosmos against the cloudy sky.

19 Aug, 2010


Smashing idea Lily. I agree with Simplylin and Wagger, where can I get some of those "baggy pants"? Lol

19 Aug, 2010


Thanks Cazzalyn and LL, I think it may be difficult to take a picture of myself laying in the flowerbed so you'll have to stick with the mental image! LOL
Glad you liked them Homebird, I took LOTS of the Argyranthemum and had a very hard choice selecting those 2.
That person looks a bit misshapen Neellan, she really doesn't have fat legs at all and she hides when it's cloudy!
Thanks Val, I think the agapanthus was taken when not quite dark and you're probably not far wrong about the neighbours. when I came indoors hubby said 'there was a flasher in the front garden'!! LOL
Do have a go Bloomer, I thoroughly enjoyed taking them. It was great fun looking at the results too and then deleting 80% of them, quite a few had my head in them! :o))
Hi Lyn, I'm glad you like them. Yes the garden is colourful at last - it was a long time getting full flower power this year. The 'baggy pants' are actually you remember the hot weather we had AGES ago? Well they haven't seen the light of day since then! :o((
Ian, you can make your own - they're only a pair of cut off trousers so get the garden shears out! Maybe you could take similar pics of your veggies?
Thank you B8 and Jiffy, glad you approve. :o))
Cards or calendar, yes both would be good Wagger. The Sanguisorba got a bit bedraggled in the rain but recovered well as you can see. As you can tell, the Cosmos is probably my favourite too, that's why there are 3 pics - I just couldn't choose! Blue sky is very cheerful but the clouds give a great sense of atmosphere. I like the cloudy red Dahlia pic too.

19 Aug, 2010


Very arty, I must say, Lily - some of them are quite disconcerting, almost surreal, and a lot remind me of those Athena posters back in the day..

19 Aug, 2010


I think they are absolutely brilliant Lily, the second Argyrantheum is my favourite followed by the chives. :o)

19 Aug, 2010


oooh don't go giving our age away Bamboo....and as for being arty, well I didn't get an art 'O' level for nothing all those years ago! LOL
You're very kind Sandra, thank you. :o)) There were 2 of the chives, the other was taken without flash so was darker and slightly menacing in a way but the blog was getting too long so it was among those I deleted. :o((

19 Aug, 2010


Fab photos - I've seen canvas prints like these selling for a fortune - brill.

19 Aug, 2010


Amazing pics, Lily - very clever! :-))

21 Aug, 2010


wow, these photo's are beautiful, and the background really makes them stand out.

21 Aug, 2010


Very artistic Lily, you've even made the chives look beautiful:-) I think I'll have a go tomorrow.... if the sun shines....if the sky is blue...:-)

22 Aug, 2010


Thank you Kfunsters. I don't know if I shall make my fortune but it would be good to get some wall prints or canvasses made....or even table mats. :o))
Glad you like them David - it was great fun experimenting, I learnt a lot. :o))
Thank you too Khayla, yes it really does make the most of the flowers doesn't it.
Hello BA, perhaps you'd better add 'if it's not windy' to that list! I think you'll be surprised how easy it is, so do have a go even if the sky isn't blue. Good luck. :o))

24 Aug, 2010


Stunning photographs, they'd make some lovely canvases!

25 Aug, 2010


Just had another look at the pics trying to choose my favourite. I think it's the second argyrantheum pic, they have an ethereal quality which I love:-)

25 Aug, 2010


Thank you for your comment Donna, I'm glad you like them. I'm looking into some canvasses but it's hard to pick which ones!
I've added some more pics fpr you Bornagain. 2 more of the Argyrantheum and one of Campanula which has the same effect. These were all taken without flash so the sunlight shining through the petals gives a semi transparent look. Cosmos photographs well like this too. :o))

25 Aug, 2010


Really lovely effects here the chives photo...looks as though they are about to dip into a pool !

25 Aug, 2010


Thanks Bb.....just had another look at that pic and yes, I see what you mean, I hadn't looked at it that way!

26 Aug, 2010


Well, Lily, I wish I could 'just hold the camera and click' as you put it, if I ended up with photos half as good as these. Stunning. : o )))))

26 Aug, 2010


Lovely Lily, you really must do something with them, is it expensive to have canvas pics?:-)

27 Aug, 2010


I've only looked at Tesco Photoshop and it starts from around £45 for the smallest size Ba but there are cheaper alternatives, like getting poster or a very large print and putting in a cheap frame. Acrylic Blocks too but not sure if that's cheaper.....maybe I'll settle for coasters, table mats, a calendar or even mugs!
Hi Shirley, Thank you but I'm sure you could do it too. Just be prepared to do a lot of deleting! The fun bit is that you never know quite what you're capturing so you need to keep checking as you go! Go on, surprise yourself! :o))

27 Aug, 2010


Well if ever you get any done, I'm interested in the second argyranthemum and the first Dahlia 'landaff' photos, Lily! I think they'd be fab on a wall.

27 Aug, 2010


You've chosen the same one as me Sbg, the ethereal argyranthemum:-)

28 Aug, 2010


Hey Bornagain, do you mean Bamboo and not Sbg?

28 Aug, 2010


Hi Bamboo, I don't think I could choose my favourites enough to have a canvasses done so think I might go for a few posters or large prints and then ring the changes in a nice frame or two. I could always email the pics to you if you wanted to use them, I'd be delighted! :o))

29 Aug, 2010


I may do Bamboo lol 8~/ :-)

29 Aug, 2010


Sadly, my printer is a laser mono, Lily - nice idea though, maybe my son could print them off for me.

29 Aug, 2010


If not, most of the photo places (Jessups, Boots, Tesco etc) do online ordering of prints to collect in store or delivered to home so maybe you could do it that way once they're on your computer. My son ordered some pics made up as posters a few months ago, around £5-£10 depending on size, if I remember rightly. Now framed, they look great.

29 Aug, 2010


Hi Lily!

My sincer apologies for not seeing this earlier but my latest blog, left today, will hopefully explain things!

Your photo's are immense to say the least and to stay in line with the sky theme.....I am totally blown away by their clarity and subject matter.

You really have grasped a total understanding of that camera and you are to be commended on these pics. These are a real inspiration to all and just one of the many reasons I have missed you all on GoY!

Keep it up my girl.......:0))

1 Nov, 2010


No apologies needed Dan with all those bad things going on in your life but I'm very glad you finally got to see these pics as you were the main inspiration for them. I know how you love unusual angles in photos. I had great fun taking them and I must admit I was very surprised and pleased with the results. I'm so glad they meet with your expert approval're always so generous with your praise! :o)) Thanks very much for your lovely comments.

2 Nov, 2010


You're very welcome and VERY deserving. I love the randomness of these types of pics and to see others having a go is great.

You really have mastered the camera and I look forward to checking out more like them.

Hope you're keeping well.

2 Nov, 2010


I haven't taken anything worth putting on GoY lately. I wouldn't say I've exactly mastered the camera but I've got to grips with a few things and there's a way to go yet!
Yes, I'm doing OK thanks. :o))

3 Nov, 2010


what a stunning collection of photo's Lilly, those long stemmed daisies are really something. I did this with crocus today & blogged them. From that your name was mentioned so had to see. You could teach us a thing or two methinks. I'm hopeing other's will have a 'go & show' it's such a treat to see plants photographed like this is'nt it.

14 Feb, 2011


Oh yes Bampy, it gives them a whole new dimension doesn't it and such fun to do too. At this time of year there's not many flower subjects to have a go with but everything is starting to sprout now so it won't be long before we might start to see some more blue skies and funny angle shots from other members :o))

15 Feb, 2011

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