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Forget-me-not Pot


By lily2


One packet of free seeds from Gardening Mag

produced SO many plants that after planting as many as I could find room for and giving some away, I still had all these over plus quite a few more.

What to do with them? ……….


Off to the shed and a hunt around.
After evicting a few spiders and a quick brush up, here it is……..

My strawberry pot which hasn’t seen a strawberry or any other plant for at least 10 years.

Now these plants were getting rather big to fit through those small holes so maybe some foil would protect them

No, so back to the drawing board. How about cling film instead?

It was a bit of a squeeze but it worked

After quite a tussle all plants were finally in and not too worse for wear

Looking much better a few weeks on

and finally, here it is after a long winter……………

err…….all the above was written last summer and this should have been the long awaited “TA-DA” moment but sadly, instead of a beautiful blue dome of flowers, what we have is this …………

More of a “better-forgot-pot” methinks!

I had a real problem with mildew on these plants both in the pot and in the ground and although the ones in the ground are much better specimens than these, they’re still long and lanky and flattened by the rain. Hardly the compact plants as promised on the packet, the ordinary self seeded ones have fared much better!. Ah well, that’s gardening! Maybe Mother Nature knows best.

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Good project pity about the result.
Not suprised you had Mildew Forget me nots get that in dry weather let alone what we have had in the last month.

15 May, 2012


I had forget-me-nots a fews years back. They were great the first season but the second season, after flowering they all went mouldy and mushy so I dug them all out. Dunno where I went wrong!

15 May, 2012


My forget me nots have self seeded themselves throughout the garden for years. I just let them get on with it and each year have given a lovely display. I dig them up when I want to plant out my bedding plants and still they come back. I learnt to love them an helps put some colour in the garden now.

15 May, 2012


Its been weird in my garden Lily as regards forget-me-nots, the top half of the garden I lost most of them, raised bed at the bottom is perfectly alright...

15 May, 2012


That's a shame. All my baskets etc end up like that....that's why I don't bother :)

15 May, 2012


I think the compost was too rich. Try again with J.I. No1. or J.I. No.2 which doesnt contain many nutrients.
just trying with a few of the seeds.
My For-get-me-nots also self-seed and grow on in clumps on poor (Cornbrake) soil.

15 May, 2012


Brave of you to post a disaster ! Had to smile though - it looks so sad and such a shame after the young plants were so healthy. Never mind , you've still got the others and they do make a lovely show. Always feels a bit ungrateful to pull them out after flowering, but what can you do - if you leave them they'd take over completely!

15 May, 2012


I've never been a fan of these pots since several disasters with various attempted plantings. Even if the top plants are doing well, you can bet one of the bottom ones will fade away, leaving you with an empty hole, or the problem of trying to get something else to like being shoved into a dry space! Eventually ants took over mine, so I broke it up and used it for crocks in other pots. Memo to self: Remember - and don't buy again!

16 May, 2012


That was such a shame Linda that so well planned a project didn't work out the way you wanted it. Seems like it's one of those flowers that wants its own way in the garden. Just to pop up any old place it likes. I have Corydalis Lutea that does that. Seedlings given away have not thrived.

16 May, 2012


Many thanks for all your comments, it seems they like to do their own thing. I don't think I'd have chosen f-m-n's given their inclination to mildew, I only decided to do this project because the free seeds looked so pretty on the packet!
I do agree about these pots Nariz but so long since I'd used it that I'd forgotten.
You probably right about the compost Diane but I don't think I'll be bothering with them again other than self seeded ones.
I'm not sure about brave Steragram, it's just that the blog was witten last year, just waiting for that "show-off" photo! Serves me right when it all went to pot.....literally! LOL
I love Corydalis Lutea Dorjac, it seeds around my garden too but doesn't really care for transplanting to a spot of my choice, odd isn't it?

16 May, 2012


Oh poor Lily, the pot looked so promising I too had the same problem with the ones you sent me. Despite nurturing them all winter, most succumbed to mildew and the odd ones that survived are all long and leggy.
My front garden is a riot of blue with the self seeded ones, I love them but a friend of mine said that she would be pleased when they came out as she thought they were weed like ! Honestly no pleasing some people :0)))

17 May, 2012


Lily, after those lovely pics and the big build up....I think I was as disappointed as you lol. I love forget me nots at this time of year, such a lovely blue everywher, but I'll have to start pulling some up soon as I need the space. Is Stumpy still ok? I've been looking through your older blogs:-)

19 May, 2012


Ah well Val, although I'm sorry to hear yours fared no better, I would have been really peeved if they were putting on a wonderful show! LOL I have to admit I rather agree with your friend in some ways as they are rather untidy aren't they? I've been out there today and pulled out all the other lanky ones with hardly any flowers. The garden looks so much tidier and I can see all the other things that were getting swamped.
Thanks BA but you can't win 'em all can you? I'm glad you had a good show from yours, they do give a bit of much needed colour. I haven't seen Stumpy or his/her partner for a while but they mainly seem to come to the garden only during the winter months. But even so, like with all infrequent birds, you have to be looking out the window at the right time!

20 May, 2012


What's that pretty bush to the left of your picture Lily?

20 May, 2012


looking good then bad, what a shame lily :o(

21 May, 2012


Can't win 'em all, eh Sandra? :o((
I think it's called Diosma, Val but I've had it many years so may have got it wrong. It lives in that pot and goes under cover when frosty and has a haircut after flowering. Usually it has more flowers than this and is very pretty, think it needs feeding.

21 May, 2012

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