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Crikey mate!


We arrived back from Portugal this week to find the garden has bloomed! The sunflowers are coming out and the contents of my veg garden seem to have at least doubled in size! The Hazel tree has loads of leaves and everything is looking so pretty! I’m so chuffed everything is growing so well!!!!

I have noticed however that next door where the thatched cottage is has a really bad weed problem and they are creeping into our garden – stingers, bind weed, dock leaves to name but a few – some I haven’t seen before – quite weird looking with hollow stems literally full up with water abour 4 foot tall!

I have grown far too much veg in pots and its becoming more and more aparent that I simply don’t have enough room for everything – for example sprouting broc – I planted the whole packet (perhaps a bit too eagerly!) in pots and every single one came up, I’m having to give them away now as I can only sensibilly fit 6 plants in!

The only down side about my veg plot is the amount of couch grass I’m having to carefully weed out on a regular basis – damn stuff!!!

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Hope you had a great holiday and are looking forward to doing some more gardening now. The weeds seem to have had a hay day while you've been away, but I'm glad your veges and flowers are doing well.

31 May, 2008


I hope your neighbours will deal with their weeds - or you will get them!!!! I always plant too many seeds, too, and end up giving loads of plants away. Nobody minds, they welcome them - in fact, an idea has struck me! Why not give some to your neighbours - they'd have to clear a space to plant them, wouldn't they! lol.

31 May, 2008


its always exciting to see what has been going on in the garden while you have been away.. hope you manage to get the couch grass out of your veg plot

31 May, 2008


Great minds think alike Spritz. I was going to suggest giving the neighbors some plants :)

1 Jun, 2008

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