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Free decking project


So two perks of having a builder dad and partner are that I get lots of freebies and of course someone to build or make anything I desire!
Dad rang one day back in April 2015 and asked if I was interested in a bit (‘a bit’ being an extreme understatement if I may add!) of decking he was ripping up. “Sure” I said, not really knowing what to do with it, considering we were already dealing with the pond project. So off Sean went to collect it, and it filled his work van and the roof rack! I was left with mountains of decking piled everywhere!

So I spent a few days laying bits here and there, trying to come up with a design, not wanting to just plonk it in the middle of the lawn. I decided on one area, then Sean suggested we do two areas – joining them up somehow. Now I had a million ideas going on in my already overexcited mind – I literally have many a sleepless night once I start making garden plans. All the planting possibilities were thrilling!

So we (with the help of my less than willing teenage son!) threw the decking down. Haha, who am I kidding?! The actual laying of the decking was in fact quite quick, it was the prepping of the ground and the sanding of the wood to clean it up that took the longest. Then all the screws…

It’s amazing how well they came up with a lick of paint!

You may also note my bargain £1 phormiums – I think I got a total of 8 in b&q, absolutely nothing wrong with them! From £10 to £1 I had them all! Even the massive one my son’s legs are next to cost me £1. Got to love a bargain!

Planning more planting areas…

More bargain spotting, a spontaneous idea arose when I grabbed a £5 metal arch down from £20. Don’t mind if I do! It fitted like a glove, perfect…

Wisteria planted both sides, they grew spectacularly – completely covering the arch by August.

Triangular beds waiting for edging

Next job was to join the area together, so up came the grass in the middle. Slabs laid as a pathway and plants in, then membrane and gravel to finish. Phew, it was hard work in over 25 degree temps!

Another bargain buy – £5 willow down from £47!

New beds finished

I love my agaves, they’ve made lots of new babies over winter

Well, that was a huge project and I’ve still got more plans yet!

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Hello Lilly,
your garden looks fantastic. I like your philosophy of using reclaimed (free) materials and sourcing marked down items from B&Q, being a Yorkshireman that does appeal to me. Keep up the good work.

14 Apr, 2016


Hi Barney, thankyou very much :) There is nothing more satisfying than grabbing a bargain and I love my freebies too!

14 Apr, 2016


I can't say I'm a fan of decking but that is great design and not just one large expanse of wood. You have been very imaginative and Made an interesting area.

17 Apr, 2016


Nor me Paul, but the finished result looks really good and right in it's setting. The willow is amazing, we don't get bargains like that in our B & Q! The only plants that they reduce are really 90% dead and even with my pity for ailing plants - I usually leave them, and their reductions are never that much anyway. Who wants to pay half price for a tray of dried out or over-watered bedding plants that have several already dead in the tray?

18 Apr, 2016


Your garden is absolutely lovely!!

18 Apr, 2016


Thankyou all very much for your lovely comments :)

Honeysuckle - the willow was in fact from Homebase. I've got my eye on some similar ones that are £30/40, so in a month or so I shall be ready to pounce and grab them at a fraction of the price :)

25 Apr, 2016


It does look amazing and you are so lucky having access to all the freebies, with all the wooden edges, gravel and pebbles it seems you only have to mow the lawns and do a little tweaking here and there on occasion then sit back and enjoy your bbq, that is of course if summer does ever arrive..

25 Apr, 2016


Thank you Lincslass :) The general upkeep of the garden is relatively straightforward and easy, that's what I had hoped for having gravel borders/beds as it makes weeding a minimal effort :) With so much planned for this year I doubt I'll be doing much relaxing in it though, it's always the way! If we have a repeat of last summer I think I'll cry haha, we only got to use the new bbq twice :(

27 Apr, 2016

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