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Well I've finally taken the plunge and rejoined! I was previously on here in around 2008 and I suppose you could say the novelty wore off (the website not the gardening lol). I may have deleted my account but I have still looked in every other day since. The knowledge and inspiration I have gained has been a godsend.

My love for gardening was woken when I took it upon myself to mow the lawn once my son started walking. I had never had the tiniest bit of interest before and no one in my family is green fingered so I don't know where it comes from!
I love tropical gardens - palms, yuccas, phormiums, cordylines, aloes, agaves, bananas... plant heaven for me! Modern designs, tidy and neat is my garden all over :)
Fast forward 13 years and with the help and hard earned cash of my wonderful husband-to-be, I now have what my family and neighbours call a show garden! It is of course an on-going project which you fellow gardeners understand will never be 'finished'.

A finished garden? Whoever heard such a silly thing!

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