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Hello there! I'm Barbara, a Yorkshire lass that moved out to the big skies of Lincolnshire some two and half years ago, to a lovely old cottage with quite a big garden - to me, anyway! I was gifted a love of all things green and growing by my late dad, and had my own little patch of soil from being very small. There's nothing I like better than 'pottering' or 'pootling' around the garden with nothing specific in mind - especially in spring, when there are delights around every corner.
We have a beautiful, soppy chocolate Labrador called Bo-bo who is completely loopy and a great source of amusement - thankfully the only damage she causes is the racetrack straight up the garden under the huge weeping willow as she launches at high speed chasing balls.
I also have a very helpful and indulgent husband, John who does most of the 'heavy work' around the place, leaving the creativity (and the fun bits! choosing, planting, weeding, watering) to me - but little by little, he is definitely getting the gardening bug.
I think the GOY site is fantastic, and wish I had more time to visit it!

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