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Lyme House....Gardens and Park to follow...


The largest house in Cheshire, Lyme House stands in 1400 acres of beautiful parkland overlooking the Cheshire Plains and Manchester

The estate was granted to Sir Thomas Danyers in 1346 and passed to the Legh family through marriage in 1388, it remained in the family for over 400yrs and was given to the National Trust in 1946, now I could go into the history of the family but would take far too long, it does make good reading if you wish to while away a few minutes researching on the web, they have a very interesting past with some very famous ancestors…I have added a couple of interesting bits though….

Inner couryard and steps into the house.

Entrance leading to the gardens…

Think thats covered the various views from all sides, now the inside…

I know him up there, guess we’ll catch up somewhere along the route…

Oh there he is again, now that look on his face said, “surely you’ve finished by now”LOL….

The schoolroom, the children visiting were allowed to dress up and actually play with everything in this room

Onwards and upwards…
Another room inviting to the younger visitor, housing the belongings of a 19th century member of the family Thomas Legh, he was a traveller, collector and Egyptologist who in 1811 at the age of 19yrs had set sale for Greece bringing back treasures from the Temple of Apollo, then onto Egypt and then up the Nile to Ibrim in Nubai, the furthest any European had ever travelled up the Nile in those days…

How did he manage to go from the luxury of this house to that little tent, mind you I didn’t blame him because I find the bedrooms dark and forbidding……..

The library contains some very old manuscripts and books some of which have been at Lyme since they were first published during the 15-17th century, one of the most famous and oldest books in the NT’s collection is the sole survivor of the earliest known edition of “The Sarum Missal the prayer book for the most significant pre-Reformation English Mass” its the first book in which Caxton used his iconic personal device.
This book can be proved to have been owned by the Legh family since 1508…

The kitchens weren’t open to the public so we had to make do with a photo…

This visitor is being very good, quietly waiting the return of its owner who I think was one of the guides…
A quick peep into the chapel…

Back outside and a look to see what the time is, also have to find this chappie , which I did through my viewfinder, guess he wanted a rest………

Always a good idea to keep ones mobiles charged

Turned out it was lunchtime, that took ages, hope I haven’t bored you silly, anyone want a cuppa…..

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Hi Sue, not been here for years, even though it's our nearest stately home, always used to look for antlers, but never found any, I think the staff must have got there first, Derek.

27 Sep, 2016


What an amazing place. Its hard to imagine anything informal going on in those stately rooms but to children who were born there it must have been totally taken for granted. That missal is a real treasure.

27 Sep, 2016


what a huge house and grounds, glad you got some good weather for your visit and thanks for posting the pictures of all those amazing rooms. :O)

27 Sep, 2016


What a lovely blog, really enjoyed looking at all the pictures. I history so will have to look up the family history on net.

28 Sep, 2016


Fab place to visit..we are off up that way for a week on Saturday. Will have to look it up and see if we can fit it in..?

28 Sep, 2016


What a great day out

28 Sep, 2016


Memories of a lovely visit here. The rooms are splendid and have been made interesting for young children to enjoy too. I have never been to Lyme House but would really like to now that I have seen your blog.

28 Sep, 2016


Thanks for showing us this magnificent building, hard to imagine what work went into maintaining all those rooms!

28 Sep, 2016


Thankyou all, we had never been before but will be returning with my daughter, I was a bit unsure about doing the inside of the house, I'm pleased you have enjoyed seeing it, I have started to do the gardens and park , now they really are fantastic, I would recommend a visit, you do need a full day to see and enjoy it all, was packed when we went but its such a huge place you do not seem to notice..

28 Sep, 2016


That's a wonderful old house - very grand and interesting.
The dog looked bored to death though lol.
Wonderful grounds too.
You look well Sue :)

29 Sep, 2016


Thankyou Hywel, I am ok now and been back for a checkup and everything was fine...

29 Sep, 2016


That's good :)

30 Sep, 2016

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