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Lyme Park and the Border Walk...


The borders are completely different to the Formal Gardens, much more my thing, I really enjoyed strolling through them, looking to see what I could add to my wishlist, it was obvious by some of the munched leaves that some little critters had been having a field day on various plants, the Hostas especially, can’t really stop them in a garden of this size, think how many beer traps it would take .

You might have noticed it seemed as though I was on my own again but hubby had found himself a shady spot amongst the trees for a while, I didn’t mind there are some smashing walkways to explore with some lovely views of the house, gardens and the lake, if you have the time there are walks all around the lake as well as the woods.

Known as Lantern Woods, the reason for the name is a belvedere known as The Lantern and was erected in 1729.

We didn’t have the time to go over that side of the lake so had to make do with our pics from afar, never mind it gives me an excuse to visit again..
Time to leave this grand house and its gardens but there is still somewhere else to go before we leave Lyme Park, we make our way back through the grand entrance, into the park itself.

The Statue above the clock is Minerva , Goddess of Wisdom..

On the drive in this morning we had noticed a structure up on the hilltop, its a very popular place where many people go to fly their kites, hardly any wind so we didn’t see any in action, I am keen to go up and over that hill for a closer look as we didn’t see it from the gardens, plus from up there you can see for miles..

.Now my hubby does not do hills, its not that he doesn’t want to, he can’t always get his breath so we parted company once again, lol…

Didn’t take me long to realise that once past the trees its really only a slope and quite within his capabilities, it was grand up there and although there was a heat haze the photographs weren’t too bad and he does like his photography…As usual I couldn’t spot him anywhere, bet he’s found himself another bench, once again the mobile comes out…

He looks quite close but I took this with my zoom, now it was my turn to sit and wait, makes a change don’tcha think…..LOL.

The Cage on the Hill..

Originally built as the Hunting Lodge, it then became the park keepers lodge but as implied in the name it was also used as a temporary prison for felons, probably poachers, it has been recently restored but was not open to the public, I was pleased about that because it was a very forbidding place, I did peer through one of the windows and quite honestly it gave me the ebee-gee-bees, glad I’d waited for Derek to join me up there and no way would I want to be there on a foggy day…

How about that, the only pic to misbehave, it refuses to rotate, told you it was spooky up there didn’t I, lol…..

Although there was a heat haze so our pics from up here are not as good as we’d like, the views were worth the walk up the hill….Just a few I’d taken whilst waiting for hubby to catch up…

Thankyou for joining us on our day at Lyme Park….

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Looks like you had so much to see on your visit here. Love the gardens. You got me thinking about mists with the cage on the hill. Enjoyed looking around with you.

3 Oct, 2016



3 Oct, 2016


So much to see. Glad you showed us Lyme bit at a time, time to enjoy your pictures leisurely. Excellent.

3 Oct, 2016


Those borders are lovely. They must have been a sight in high summer.

Wonderful views from that hill, especially the last one ...
but I do agree about the 'cage'.
There's a folly similar to that near here and I want to take some photos of it to draw/paint, but do you think I can go up there :O

4 Oct, 2016


Thankyou for reading my blogs, there would have been so much missed if I had tried to do just the one, glad you all enjoyed them..
It wasn't nice at all Hywel, nasty feel to it, my imagination went into overdrive and my skin was crawling, safe to say it scared me and that was just by looking through a window.
Have you looked online to see if there's anything written about your folly with photo's, you might be able to draw/paint it that way....

4 Oct, 2016


Lovely blog, but I agree with you about that forbidding building ... obviously less sensitive picnickers sitting by it:-)

5 Oct, 2016


I've just looked at Google photos of it Sue and it's put me off even more lol what am I like ! It's only a stone folly ...

If I ever get there I'll write a blog about it :D
(Don't hold your breath ...)

5 Oct, 2016


Really enjoyed your blogs about this grand place. I wouldn't fancy being too near that creepy tower iether. Too vivid an imagination...wonderful views though and well worth the effort to get up there. Thankyou it's great to see these lovely places that we wouldn't normally know about.

14 Oct, 2016

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