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August in the garden...


To say I’m pleased with it this year is not an exaggeration, its so colourful, often everywhere has looked a tad green between my spring and summer display, this year I manage to fill that gap, some of the plants such as Cosmos, Gallardia and the new Geums that I planted seemed to be at a standstill, however they soon improved after all the rains that we eventually got, unlike last year we haven’t had to put up with brown lawns and saving grey water from the house …

A few weeks back I showed you what was left of my Boston Ivy, I needn’t have worried about losing my autumn colour, I did pop an obelisk in for said ivy to grow up and below is what she looks like now, romping away again..

We’ve been busy this week, we had a fence panel left over from when we replaced the ones to the right as you walk down our yard, it has now replaced the tatty one on the left that separates the yard from the patio and is the beginning of the dogrun…

Not often anyone sees this area, as its the dogrun and area for the waterbutts and anything else that is homeless, lol.( Excuse the silly state of the hedge, my neighbour is moving soon so nobody has touched the garden in well over a year, I stretched as far as I could)…

Also gives us privacy on the patio and acts as a windbreak, we also had a piece of the wrought iron fencing that we used around the patio so it was placed on the top and now matches the rest…Quite pleased with how that has turned out, I needed the extra height as my Handel rose needs something to grow along, it was fun doing that job whilst avoiding the barbs, I used some very strong tying wire to keep the stems out of our way, silly hubby suggested I cut them down, as they’re full of buds you can imagine my response to that … ..

I think hubby did good coming up with that idea, looks lovely, so neat now…
I must add the next one, in all my years I have never seen a cat walking across the hedge, we’ve had plenty over the years but none quite as funny as Toffee…

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Your garden is looking pristine Lincs and so much colour. I love Toffee. I have never seen cats climbing hedges before either. It looks like she might be after nesting birds.

22 Aug, 2019


You’be done so well, and I love your pond!

23 Aug, 2019


Lovely colours like you said ! and the area around the pond looks so tranquil 🙂

23 Aug, 2019


Lovely blog Lincslass! Very colourful garden. Hedge looks good, hopefully someone will trim the other side for you soon! Still, looks very tidy.
Toffee looks a lovely cat! Investigating your hedge trimming!

23 Aug, 2019


Great blog Lincslass. Your garden is looking really lovely.

23 Aug, 2019


Thankyou all, I'm pleased we have done these jobs, I seriously do not think the old fence panel would have lasted another winter and I hate working out in the cold, I am the general dogsbody when such things are going on, lol...Toffee is weird, we had a lot of sparrows nesting in that hedge, would you believe he never once stalked them or attempted to get near them, as I said he is one comical cat....

23 Aug, 2019


Hi Sue, sorry I must have missed this one, you've been busy !!, looking good, Derek.

12 Sep, 2019


Looks lovely Lincs :-))

13 Sep, 2019


Thankyou Derek and Daylily....

18 Sep, 2019


Lincs do you know the name of that gorgeous orange lily in the 4th photo from the top? I have it and love it but would love to know its name.

18 Sep, 2019


Hi S'gran, that one is named Kwanzo, it was sent to me in 2011 by an old member who I haven't seen on here in a very long time, not sure whether you would have known her , avatar was Bigbumblebee...

19 Sep, 2019


Thank you. I am so pleased to know what my lily is. I had a look at Bumblebee she has not taken her membership off but she has not been contributing since 2011.

20 Sep, 2019

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