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RIP.. My Boy Brynner 22-8-2009 ----16-11-2020


Writing with a heavy heart..

Many of you will know of Brynner, he became part of our lives at the vast age of twelve weeks old, tiny and very cute pup but we knew he would be grow into a big lad and he surely did, he accidently had me over many a time but you can see how much he loved me, I received many bruises when he used to paw me to get attention, ask to share my cuppa and also get loads of love and sloppy kisses…lol……

The first time we met him, age 5wks…

Brynner arrived here when he was 13wks old, he loved the garden and soon became best pals with Morgan…

That is what he would do whilst waiting for me to finish mowing the lawns, fetch a toy, lie near the patio on the freshly cut grass and patiently wait…

The pose that told me his toy had landed on the pond, never once did he attempt to retrieve it himself…

Loved an outing even when he had to stay on a leash, the next pic was taken last summer down by the lake at Chatsworth House…

Brynner shared our home and garden with many pets, he was a gentle giant.,
Saturday of last week our lad was fine, he was so happy playing with Harriet and Pepper, yes he was slowing down but that was to be expected at 11yrs 3mths, he ate his dinner, played with the girls,it was a good day the photo below was taken last week..

Sunday it all changed, we knew something was very wrong, all he wanted to do was lay in the sitting room in front of the fire, his favourite spot in the winter, he wouldn’t eat, not even a treat or a slice of ham, late afternoon I managed to take him outside whereby he drank out of the birdbath..
Brynner’s time had come, we could see it..
I stayed with him all night willing him to let go but he never liked letting go of anything…

Monday I rang the vet as soon as they opened, they are not allowed home visits so we had to take him to them and met the vet in the carpark, it was no mean feat getting him into the car, he was very heavy, naturally I wanted to be with him so after Brynner had been examined they very kindly brought him outside into the garden at the back to me, somehow that seemed nicer for him and me he was laying on a sheet on the grass, it was also his own vet ….

Brynner went to sleep at 10.20am 16-11-2020 with me by his side…..

He was a very handsome lovable lad, loved by us all… RIP Brynner xx

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of dear that is so sad. but you gave him a wonderful life and he repaid you with so much love over the years. Glad you were with him at the end. You did everything right by him. Hope you are ok in yourself. lots of hugs

19 Nov, 2020


Oh,Sue ,you must be heartbroken,he was such a good loyal friend and companion to you and your Family,and you will all miss him dearly.I am so sorry to read this,but he couldn't have had a better life,right up to his time to leave..
What a lovely Vet,to be such a caring person for both you and Brynner. lots of hugs to you too,Sandra xx

19 Nov, 2020


Sorry to hear of your loss Lincslass, he was a lovely dog and all though he has passed you will always have your memories to cherish of him.

19 Nov, 2020


I'm very sad to hear about Brunner Sue, he was an important part of your family and of your life. You'll miss him very much, but I know you have many happy memories of him, which in time will be comforting for you.
Sending all my sympathy xxx

19 Nov, 2020


A loss like this makes you heartsore. He will be much missed, but you obviously had a special bond.

20 Nov, 2020


He was such a beautiful dog and such a true, faithful friend to you.
You were with him when he needed you and you gave him a wonderful and happy life.
A very sad time for you.

20 Nov, 2020


Such sad reading but thanks for sharing the times you had with him

20 Nov, 2020


Sue, I am very sad to read this and remember Brynner featuring in many of your blogs. Such a loss for you. Sending you my condolences.

20 Nov, 2020


Oh Sue, this brought a tear to my eye! How sad for you and your family. He had a good life with you all and you will now, in time, be able to think back to all the happy times! I loved all the photos of him especially when he was sat at the pond waiting for his ball and the one were he was playing with Harriet and Pepper. The vet was very kind to bring him out to you.
Sending you hugs!

20 Nov, 2020


Oh a sad time for you 🙁 but lots of memories of your handsome boy 🐾 x

20 Nov, 2020


So sorry for your loss. Got tears in my eyes typing this... it’s so hard when you lose such a dear pet. My thoughts are with you.

20 Nov, 2020


So sorry to read about your dog Brunner , Lincslass. Thank you for showing us his photos . Pets play such an important role in our lives. Hugs...

20 Nov, 2020


He looks so lost in that last photo, made me feel so sad for you.xx

20 Nov, 2020


Sorry to hear this Lincs, lovely boy 😙

21 Nov, 2020


I had read about Brunner passing on another social site. I'm so sorry for you, but take heart in the fact that he had a long and happy life with you. xx

21 Nov, 2020


When a loved animal dies you seem to lose a little bit of yourself for a while. Bless him, he has left you with very many happy memories and a big gap in the house and garden. Sending loads of hugs and sympathy.

21 Nov, 2020


Thankyou All.... Its been a long and lonely week, I'm not used to having the kitchen cupboards accessible and no big boy to step over, I even miss seeing feathery lengths of black fur on my floors, we have been decorating so being busy has helped us, poor Harriet and Pepper kept looking in the garden, or waiting in the hallway for Brynner to come, they never knew life without him so understandable really, animals have to grieve as well....

22 Nov, 2020


Oh Sue, I’m so very sorry. You must be heartbroken, bless. What a lovely boy, he’ll be forever in your heart and mind. You’ll have lots of fond memories to keep hold of.
It’s so sad to lose a pet, they are such a big part of our lives and family.
Sending my best to you at this time. Xx

22 Nov, 2020


Just found your blog, Sue&, like the rest of us at GoY, I was sorry to hear of his passing! ;(

We know what it is like losing your loved pets as we had 5 little doggies, all born in our flat in Spain & brought to the UK. We lost them all in the space of a few months some years ago so we can fully sympathise with your loss.

Even after the years that have gone by we still remember them! You will also remember Brynner for many years to come as well, with great fondness!

22 Nov, 2020


So sorry to hear of your loss, I think many of us will relate to this, doesn’t make it any easier, but you have happy memories and he had the best home I’m sure.

24 Nov, 2020


I'm so sorry for your loss Sue. Brynner sounds like he was a very special friend. I know how devastating losing a pet can be. I still miss my Lassie puppy, Scout. I only had him for 1 week, then he passed suddenly which is not uncommon with brand new puppies. We never new why? but we bonded instantly then he was gone. I was only 10. It was a huge shock.

1 Dec, 2020


Sue, I have only just found this blog & I have put " like"
because it was so nice to share the life story of such a lovely dog. He had the best life possible with you & his other pals, so you can rest assured that he is ok now, even though you will always miss him. I remember cats that I have had that have passed on & I still wish that I could have them back. Thank you for sharing Brynne with us, he was so beautiful.

2 Mar, 2021


Thankyou Feverfew, I still miss him and have lots of emotional moments but I can now smile when picturing him in my mind, Harriet and Pepper took a long while before they stopped looking for him but now the two of them are especially close, when Pepper first moved in she favoured Brynner and I used to feel sorry for Harriet standing on the sidelines, now the two girls play together...

2 Mar, 2021

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