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Another good good day ..


Too nice to stay indoors so today it was the raised beds turn to be tidied…
Its always the last bit to get sorted, right at the bottom of our garden, runs below the Hawthorn and then back up to the garden shed, between the fencing and the apple tree..
It still had a lot of twiggy pieces left over from the heavy winds, I had to rake it over first taking care not to damage the plants and shrubs, you’ve heard me say I have my favourite tool, my longhandled fork that saves me having to walk amongst my plants, well I also have its mate, a longhandled three pronged weeding rake, they are honestly the best tools I own, I cleared the twigs then worked my way all around the plants lightly turning the earth, its been built up over many years and was quite easy to turn, once that was accomplished I then spent the next hour mulching all around the plants and shrubs with my homemade compost, they ’ll do well with that over the coming months……The bottom pond looks lovely as the Marsh Marigolds are in full bloom, masses of frogspawn also….

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Frogspawn! Wonder where my frogs are?

26 Mar, 2022


Lovely, Lincs, but where do you find the time to do everything?

26 Mar, 2022


Please can you tell more about your weeding rake? It sounds great.

26 Mar, 2022


We always have a lot around the garden Siris, had a huge toad for a long time as well,lived in the hedgehog house amongst the log pile sadly he didn't appear last year but I gained a newt in the bottom pond, be nice if that appears again..

26 Mar, 2022


I rarely go out Balcony, I always put the garden first at this time of the year and tell my family they know where the dusters and suchlike are kept, lol...

26 Mar, 2022


Stera its a three tine clawshaped cultivator rake, the end of both fork and rake are only the size of hand tools but the handles are nearly six feet in length....

26 Mar, 2022


Another lovely day drawing us all out! You have been very busy, Lincs and I'm sure the results will be good ones. I envy you the frogs, toads and newts. Still working on OH here to build us a reasonable pond. Sadly, no sign of his caving in yet!

27 Mar, 2022


Anget get your spade out and start digging a hole, lol... Get into his head how theraputic it is after a tiring day to sit out on a warm evening, just gazing at the water and listen to it bubbling away with his favourite drink in his hand....

27 Mar, 2022


Sue, you’re still busy this week! I’m keen on certain garden tools too. I guess we all have our faves. It has been a glorious week, especially the last few days. Your pond sounds so pretty with the marsh marigolds…wish we had frog spawn. Tried many years ago but the fish devoured every last one!

27 Mar, 2022


Kate there is no frogspawn left in the fishpond at all, didn't take the fish long to spot it, I'm lucky though as we have the bottom pond which is for the wildlife....

28 Mar, 2022


You are a lucky lady! If I’d more space I think I’d have the same as you! Saying that, I could find a little spot perhaps, for a wildlife puddle? I will definitely be looking, Sue.

29 Mar, 2022


Go for it Kate - nothing like a little water to bringth garden to life.
Thanks, Sbg, Ill look out for one. If i it what is called please ?

30 Mar, 2022

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