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April in the Garden....


Its a joy to see the garden showing off is colours…

Had a nasty accident with my right hand so was not able to do much for a couple of weeks, all more or less better so I’m back in action again now., accompanied by my rather lazy helpers…..

I’ve moved my succulents back outside which has provided me with more room in the g’house….

Time to start the pricking out only to discover I’d run out of new compost.. Grrr !!!
Rain stopped play outside but we do need it so I’m not grumbling, I’ve ordered some compost and done some housework instead …..

Nearly forgot to show the next one, its my new passion….

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It was quite nasty M'land, I'd put Harriet on her lead to take her down the garden late one night, she suddenly lunged forward, my right hand got smashed into the edge of our patio door, bruised knuckles and very bad deep cut, luckily it hasn't affected the nerves, naturally I'm right handed so I couldn't do much for nearly two weeks, as you can imagine I was NOT very happy for a while.....I'm pleased to say I didn't lose any cacti or succulents this year....Oh !! just remembered I've planted up my airplants in some driftwood I must add a photograph...

19 Apr, 2022


sorry to hear about your hand, nasty but so pleased no lasting damage.
the garden is putting itself out there isn't it. So lovely to see.

Your air plants are pretty too.

19 Apr, 2022


Thankyou Paul, my hand is almost completely healed thankfully, was a worry for a few days, I could not bend my finger and thumb but that sorted itself out when the bruising went down on the knuckles....

19 Apr, 2022


Pleased to hear your damaged hand has healed enought to continue bloging. I like the idea of your terracotta tower with the succulents in it. Do those pots get frost damaged in winter?

19 Apr, 2022


Thankyou Seaburn, I'm especially pleased with the rose garden area, its filled out really well, roses are already getting buds on them...The piece of driftwood that I've displayed the airplants in had been outside near the pond for over thirty years, I drilled some pockets in it and stained it , looks quite effective, on the lookout for another piece now, lol...

19 Apr, 2022


Siris I'm completely useless at trying to do things with my left hand, made me appreciate how hard and brave people are when they suffer a serious injury..
I take as many of the pots as I can fit into the g'house, learnt the hard way in the past that they don't appreciate a hard frost..

19 Apr, 2022


I do love the way you have done your garden Sue with all the little borders.
I am sorry about your hand and hope it is on the mend now!
It's typical isn't it, that it has to be the hand you need!
I can imagine how frustrated you felt as I was the same when I had an awful virul infection for nearly two weeks and didn't have the strength to do anything, even if my head wanted too! lol
I love your dogs and the little one is so cute!

20 Apr, 2022


Sorry to hear about your hand, but your garden looks full of spring blossom and flowers. Lovely!

21 Apr, 2022


Glad to hear your hand is almost mended! We are so used to using one hand for a great deal of things that when it becomes incapacitated we find ourselves lost! I'm right handed but try to use my left hand a bit.

Your garden is looking so nice! Your collection of succulents & the way you display them great! Congratulations on the use of the driftwood for showing off your airplants! 👍

21 Apr, 2022


Good to hear your handbis on the mend now, Sue! It makes life very difficult when your hand is out of action! These things do happen unfortunately, but, they do cause much pain, frustration and setbacks.
Hoping you're feeling OK?
Your pics show of your garden beautifully! Your pond area is lovely and thriving too! You've a real diverse collection of plants and colours!
Your succulents look so healthy and are displaying well too!
Your 2 little "helpers" look like they're enjoying having their pics taken!!! Happy indeed! 😊

23 Apr, 2022


Hiya Rose, thankfully my hand is okay, driving me crazy though as its itching like mad as the cut is healing, that's a good sign or so I've been told , lol...I hope you have recovered now, I've been lucky but both hubby and daughter had that horrible virus, its a beggar to shake off, I was really worried about Derek for a while there, he was so weak, wobbling all over the place and not eating either, thankfully both alright now ....

24 Apr, 2022


Thankyou Anget, its a very good year for the blossom and the frost didn't get it this year so should be a bountiful one...

24 Apr, 2022


Thankyou Balcony, the succulents are loving being back outside again, they've really perked up, some are beginning to flower despite it turning very cold ...

24 Apr, 2022


Thankyou Kate, they say variety is the spice of life so I take advantage of it in the garden, lol..also I do like a good mingle...Our furballs are very happy now they can be outside a lot more, the house stays tidier too'...

24 Apr, 2022


Wow, I bet your garden takes up all your time, there are so many different areas & pots. I like the tower of pots too. Glad your hand is ok & has not sustained a permanent
injury. Thanks for the tour.

26 Apr, 2022


Hello F'few, gardening has been put on hold apart from working in the g'house, I've potted on some seedlings but its cold outside, I hate working all muffled up so I'm sitting planning what needs doing instead, also the ground is so dry through lack of rain I'd end up doing more harm than good, at least lack of moisture has stopped the weeds sprouting...Hoping all is well with you, x.

27 Apr, 2022

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