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Echinopsis oxygona (Easter Lily Cactus )


Indoors for a change, well it was 12.50 am….LOL
I was putting Pepper to bed, she sleeps in our dining room so luckily I go in there every night , I have been watching the flower stem growing for a few days, it was not open at 11pm, hubby had been in there all night doing something on his computer, this little beauty waited until the room was dark then produced her first flower for this year, I told him it opens in the dark, now he believes me, I got the first photo’s…LOL..

Three more whilst I had the camera handy…
My Air Plants are doing well, they’ve grown a lot and are happy as I’d given them a bath earlier…

Below my late mums violets, I’ve had them for thirteen years now..

They haven’t produced any babies for the last two years, so I’m looking for advice please, I’ve never managed to grow them before so they mean a lot to me, I don’t like to disturb them too much but was wondering when and how often should I change the compost completely, I’ve added fresh and do feed them….

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wow that is a stunningly beautiful white flower.
the African violets are a real treasure. I have one from my late mum.

I take off a healthy leaf right at the far end of the leaf blade so there is quite a long stalk and pop it into damp compost right up to the leaf blade. Keep it damp and in about a month there should be new plants at the end of the leaf blade. Then the can be easily teased apart and planted on.

I rarely do anything with my big plant, just repot every 3/4 yrs when it is looking very tired. I don't find they split well as it doesnt seem to put on side shoots.

But I have had mine for over 26 yrs.

28 May, 2022


I had violets in the last two gardens Sue, and have them here now!
As they are in the garden, they spread and more pop up in other parts of the garden.
Maybe you could just put one plant in the garden and see what happens!
It was a nice surprise for you when the flower opened.
But as you should be taking it easy a bit, shouldn't you have been asleep! Haha!

28 May, 2022


Thankyou Seaburn, I'm not planting my leaves deep enough obviously so I'll try some again, your plant is twice as old as mine so that gives me confidence that I can keep mine going..I do know that neither like being placed anywhere else in the room, it didn't take me long to learn that, everyone has been warned to not move them, I just give them a turn now and again..
The flower is already starting to droop, I'm hoping the ones beginning to sprout will give me a couple more flowers, its always fingers xx for me as many abort...

28 May, 2022


I daren't try that with these Rose, only have one of each possibly if I manage to grow a few more..
I'm usually up until that time Rose, don't sleep very well, I haven't done for many years...

28 May, 2022


A beautiful flower, Sue! I’m loving the colour and the centre looks like little stars too. It’s a shame you don’t sleep so well, Sue, but very fortuitous you were up and awake to capture this lovely sight!

28 May, 2022


Don't plant them out they are not hardy.

28 May, 2022


The flower on your Cactus is so beautiful.

28 May, 2022


Stunning flower ...

29 May, 2022

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