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My Garden, Warts and All.......Part Two


Are there any Warts, not really apart from a very unhealthy looking lawn, nothing we can do about that is there…………. Its very rare I go down the garden via the kitchen door, obviously I do when hanging the washing or getting the hose out, the little gate is very handy when we have the side doors unlocked and need to stop our dogs getting out but annoying to keep opening and closing, its easier to nip out across the patio, the hedging is Forsythia, there is a gap I’m filling in between it and the fence so leaving it long to weave it across the gap…..

Hubby’s garage for his mobility scooter, had to go somewhere, unfortunately that is where I used to stand two garden waste bins, I have plans though, the little piece of grass is a right pain to cut so I’m going to take it up and lay more granite, the dogs rarely go in there for their ablutions anyway, if they did I would simply use Jeyes………

Through the gate, my long border, the nearly bare scruffy looking grass was where dog swimming pool was last year, its going to be sorted but lack of rain stopped play, I cannot make up my mind whether to dig it all out and plant up with more perennials, the jury is still out on that one though as the two dogs are used to having it there, they can get to the fence without me shouting at them to get off the garden…
Small shrub is Abelia, I moved it over at the same time as I did my rose garden, was worried last year but all is okay now as she is looking healthy, flowers will soon be showing, tall one is Boston Ivy growing up an obelisk, needs another trim but all my bins are full again.

Okay !!! next we have a mingle that I simply cannot get rid of, unfortunately many have rooted underneath the fencing so grow in both gardens, mixture of St Johns Wart, Helliborus (the nasty one with the sap that burns you) Valarian, Sedum and a lot of Vinca, another that came through from next door originally, I also throw seeds on there so they do their own thing, I did have some lovely Aquilegia’s and plenty of Poppies but have chopped them down, followed by a Hibiscus (blue) then the Bridal Wreath, also needs a haircut but think I’m too late for this year….

Onwards, as you can see its doing well, there is Amelanchier, Smokebush, another Hibiscus, Solidago, White Phlox, Cosmos, Evening Primrose, Iris’s, Geraniums and Canterbury Bells to edge along the path, oh also sunflowers right at the bottom, planted to support the Ukraine, I had to pop the bit of fencing across to stop Pepper making a track through the bed in the winter, annoying as you cannot see the stumpery now but better than everything getting broken down..

On the left are more Ferns and Hostas, planted to grow amongst the remains of the old conifers, I haven’t yet had time to be creative with them, hubby being retired now I’m rarely on my own, cannot sneak his magic saw down there, he wont let me use it and I simply do not trust him to do the job how I want it….

My favourite place to sit in my garden, over the last 40+years I’ve spent many hours sitting by this pond, at this time of the year I would be watching the tadpoles develop, my grandchildren loved being down there with me…

Well I cannot find a single tadpole this year, usually have hundreds and I did have a lot of spawn, remember I showed you this creature in June…

Think its eaten them, however I do have jelly like orbs with tiny efts in them, I’m hoping there are a few taddies hiding away amongst the plants….
If you’re like me you then step over the little stumpery to the rest of the garden (shortcut) if working and hands are full its back up the path and around the juniper….

In other words just follow Pepper., she now prefers the long way round…

On the right side you pass the pond to the bigger stumpery, many will remember I used the remains from the willow tree, very crazy paving and big shed ..

Harriet being a very wise girl and keeping to the shady parts…

Baskets hanging in the tree and planters on the bench, shade of the apple tree keeping them alive…

Then we have my working area, as I said in previous blog I’m taking a rest so nothing much going on in the g’house for now….

There you go folks, my garden of two parts, definitely my happy place…..

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Thanks Lincs for your garden's always the most varied and interesting blog...I do like the way you use every corner of your'll have to give me some tips.We made an area for the bins last has saved much effort as they are now positioned at the bottom of the drive.

12 Jul, 2022


I enjoyed my trip round your plot, Lincs, so much of interest! It must be interesting to watch the development of your garden after 40 or so years. I expect it has changed a little in that time. I love your ponds and hope you have wildlife in it before too long! Thanks for showing - it looks like it's a fair size.

12 Jul, 2022


Thanks for sharing Sue … very interesting to see how the different parts fit together. No wonder it keeps you busy!

12 Jul, 2022


I like this garden a lot, because its for plants you like and not for show - it looks as though every little corner has its own story and history! Your newt is Enormous! I never knew they grew to that size. No wonder you don't have any taddies,they are all stuffed into the newt! Great idea to have hanging baskets from the tree - tempted to copy that but it probably gets too windy here. And I do like that greenhouse - its a cut above the ordinary!

12 Jul, 2022


Hi Sue, thank you so much for the 'tour' around your garden. Yours is what I call a 'lived in' garden. So many of the ones designed on TV forget we need places to hide stuff and to hang out the washing! It's also nice to see that you have your successes...and failures. A garden to be enjoying not just looked at. I love it.

13 Jul, 2022


I love this second part, must do mine really.

having newts is brilliant and I'd prefer them to frogs as they are more under threat.

didn't know there was a hellebore that had irritant sap. which one is it can you remember?

Love all the nooks and crannies, it is needed otherwise where would we put the bins/washing line etc.

13 Jul, 2022


I do love your garden Sue and enjoyed the " walk" round it!
I love the way you have made the most of every space too and it's great this time of year to actually sit back and relax!

14 Jul, 2022


I agree with all the above,and really enjoyed both parts 1 and 2 ,as it has so much interest all around.
It is how gardens should be,to reflect the reality of what gardening is all about,not the pristine TV gardens we see so much of these days.
Washing lines,compost bins and other miscellaneous items are the way to go,but sadly in my small garden,I have to have them tucked away,or I wouldn't have room for any flowers,shrubs etc ! I love your little companions,Pepper and Harriet, keeping you company.too..delightful:o) .x.

15 Jul, 2022


Thankyou All, I am stuck in bedroom with Covid, both Sherryl and I have it, she is a lot worse than me, trying to keep away from Derek as he is clear so far, its no joke and zaps you, will answer properly as soon as my head stops spinning...x

15 Jul, 2022


Oh no,Sue ! So sorry to see this, and I hope you and Sherryl recover very soon. It really is spreading more now,so I think we all need to be more aware. I hope Derek manages to stay Covid free.My thoughts are with you all,take care, xxx

15 Jul, 2022


I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struck down with blasted covid, Sue! It sounds like your feeling poorly with it too, I do hope you start feeling better soon!
Thanks for sharing part 2 of your garden, your very innovative when it comes to using all your garden spaces!

15 Jul, 2022


Oh Sue, I am so sorry and hope you get over it quickly!
Thinking of you and sending " hugs"! xxx

16 Jul, 2022


Sue, it's bad enough in this heat without feeling poorly too. I have had a 'head cold' for 48 hours and now Michael has gone down with it ... :o(

Hope you feel a lot better very soon.

19 Jul, 2022


Sorry to hear that Shirley, have you had a test ?? that is exactly what mine started with, I only took a test because Sherryl told me I had to, apart from the aches and exhaustion our symptoms are completely different, its a weird one this darn virus, fingers xx yours is only a cold though.....

20 Jul, 2022


Sue, I did a home LFT test, negative, but do wonder about their accuracy! I feel so much better today, well enough to have done a bit of gentle deadheading and staking up this morning. Michael is about one day behind me with his symptoms, hopefully he will be fine tomorrow.

You take care of yourself and your family ... I wish you all well.

20 Jul, 2022

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