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Rescuing the garden .


The heatwave coincided with me being unwell, with that and still lack of rain I have lost a lot of plants and now have a lot of gaps, it was time for a rescue mission.
Although still testing positive I am feeling alright now, no symptoms apart from getting a bit breathless at times, that could be my asthma playing up though, so I’ve been working my way around the garden with my trusty long handled fork, I’ve turned the earth in places so IF/WHEN it does rain the moisture can get in instead of drying on the top, making sure I didn’t disturb the roots belonging to the survivors, I’ve been deadheading as I went around, had to resort to the Chelsea Chop on some of the dahlias, hoping they will reshoot, no point in buying any plants to fill in the gaps whilst the ground is as dry as it is , then I set to and added mulch amongst the plants, good homemade compost…

Looking better already., as you can see in the next pic I lost nearly all of the pansies and one of the lavenders.

Its nothing that can’t be fixed though and I added mulch here as well…

Although they are not showing clearly in the pic, the bed next to the rose garden is planted up with chrysanths, I haven’t lost any of those but although I’m watering them they are at a standstill, I have faith though and know they will perk up when the rain arrives, after all it is only July….

Its not all bad though I do have some colour and as long as I keep up with deadheading they will continue….

The lawn nearest to the house is surviving on waste water, the paths and bottom lawn are having to fend for themselves, the good thing is I don’t have to keep taking the mower for a walk….
I nearly forgot to show you these two pics, how about that for a confused plant…

Been flowering since the end of June, I added two pics to show the Hellbore growing next to one of this years Cosmos

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You did well to get the fork in at all Eileen. The ground has been like concrete. We did have some rain yesterday, halleluia, but the soil is only moistened to a couple of inches and its still bone dry underneath that. But at least it has helped the peas a bit. Hope you are getting better - horrid to be poorly in the warm weather. Don't rush it though, it can be counter productive. I need to take my own advice...
I didn't know youcould get Hellebores that flowered in the summer??

25 Jul, 2022


Take it easy. I’m afraid that turning the earth will bring hundreds of weed seeds to the surface. Once you do get a good rain these weeds will take off like a rocket and smother your garden. As painful as this may sound to you my advice would be to let the garden go on its own so you can continue to rest and get better.

26 Jul, 2022


Its Sue Stera but I'll let you off, there are places where it is impossible to get a fork in without jumping on it, obviously I haven't touched those areas, last year I had a couple of hellebores that started to produce flowers in August, this one has surpassed that, everything is flowering early but not lasting as long, no surprise there, if we do get a few mins of drizzle its usually dried within mins so we aren't actually gaining anything, the leaves appreciate it though and as they say it all helps.. Like you I will advise others but no patience with myself whatsoever....

26 Jul, 2022


Thanks L'strife, once I was up and about I needed my gardening stints, its definitely therapy for me, do you know I would be pleased to see a few weeds growing, it would mean things were growing, lol.....

26 Jul, 2022


Oops Sue, sorry about that. Dementia setting in...
Lol re the advice - I guess we all find it easier to dish it out than to follow it! But its so frustrating when you can see all the work that needs doing but can't do it...

27 Jul, 2022


Sue, I'm sorry you're still not's so sad you've lost so much during the hot week and while you've been poorly too. It's been out of your control though.
You definitely still have a wealth of lovely colour in your garden, and I'm pretty sure things will perk up and reappear when the drizzle arrives!
You must put you first though, keep yourself well as you can..the garden will bounce back, it still looks good with those pretty pics you've posted!
Best wishes x

30 Jul, 2022


Some nice photos Linclass. My garden looks bare in places like yours. We will have to see what survives & make fresh plans next year. That will be quite nice I guess.

31 Jul, 2022


Kate thankyou, pleased to say both daughters and myself are clear now, thankfully hubby has shown no signs of contracting the virus, fingers xx it stays that way.. We have had overnight rain, YAY!!!! first good downpour for months, I have been saving the top lawn by using waste water, we had enough rain to top up the water butts so I can now save the bottom lawn as well, every little helps doesn't it, I don't mind walking further down, the garden has really perked up today and the birds are loving scrabbling around looking for grubs, they were in hiding whilst it was hot....

31 Jul, 2022


F'few I agree its good to plan ahead isn't it, lesson learnt here, now know I need to change the planting in the rose garden, pansies looked pretty but its too dry for them whereas the spreading plants around the edge have survived, scrambling and mingling well, an excuse to look for more alpines.....

31 Jul, 2022


Good to hear you’re all on the mend now! Plus, thankfully your OH didn’t succumb to the virus!
We’ve had some good old drizzle through the day and it did rain a little yesterday too!
All good!!! It’s warm and sunny this afternoon/evening now..

31 Jul, 2022


I don't know how I missed this last blog Sue!
I am hoping you feel much better now!!
Your garden is doing well despite the heat and getting the fork in was a good idea!

20 Aug, 2022

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