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Beginning of Autumn In My Garden....


To some people summer has been marvellous, to me as a gardener it was very sad, no matter how I tried my plants, trees, shrubs and especially the lawn were all struggling with lack of water and the extreme heat, my poor acers were burnt to a crisp, my hanging baskets were hanging underneath the apple tree, pots were taken to any shady spot I could find and I was hiding indoors on most of those days, I gave up on summer plants, thankfully I had already decided to not grow any salad crops this year so didn’t have to worry about the greenhouse…It simply was not worth writing a blog or showing photo’s…..
Now I’m delighted to say that things are looking better, in the last two weeks we have had some really heavy rainfall, mostly overnight which naturally I was pleased about, I have lots of colour back in the garden…
Ferns are recovering, the ones that had died back have started showing new shoots, acers are sprouting new leaves and the roses are producing more buds at long last..

Its now looking colourful with lush healthy plants and flowers which are lasting longer instead of wilting within a day..

The lawns are green, even the bit between the rose garden and bottom pond has improved immensely, I ran the mower over on Monday, first time in many weeks, truth to tell I didn’t mind missing out on that job really…

The ground is easy to work in now so I’ve been planting bulbs in and around the rose garden, as you can see I did lose nearly all of the pansies and a lavender, change of planting is needed in case next year is as dry, I was worried about the four roses as they were the ones I moved and its only there second year in that position but they now have fresh new growth and buds beginning to form ..

I know there are a lot of Calendula’s but I needed the colour, you possibly cannot see in the pic but there are new chrysanths in amongst them, just beginning to show signs of growing properly, I’m hoping we get a long autumn to give them more of a chance, otherwise I might pot them up for the winter and pop them in the greenhouse, the jury is still out on that one..
I’m now making my way across the raised bed, as you can see it suffered badly during the drought, the edges are usually full of Creeping Jenny and Creeping Thyme, I have plenty in other areas so I can replace..

Gave me an excuse to replant, its moist again now so I’ve been splitting some plants up, I’m going to add more geraniums they do well in the dapples shade, also have Hellebores that need new homes ..

Soon have it sorted again…

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yes the rain is a relief isn't it?
Your garden has recovered quickly, not sure what mine will be like, but I've not done much for weeks now.

8 Sep, 2022


If yours is anything like mine was Eileen it was not possible, anything apart from keeping things alive would have caused more harm than good, apart from deadheading the ones that were flowering, even those weren't many, I saved the lawns by collecting my waste water, the earth was packed solid so even the weeds weren't growing, I know that was a good thing but I always say that if the weeds won't grow then nothing else will either...

8 Sep, 2022


We have been so lucky here, only a few days of the really hot weather and even had rain but my sister down in Kent, lost most of her plants.

It's lovely seeing the garden come back to life after the rain. Your garden is looking lovely.

8 Sep, 2022


It was really bad here Jen and yet only a few miles away they were getting some rain, my son is in Boston and he was shocked when he came for a visit and saw how dead our lawns and fields were looking, typical for here though we either get all or nothing, never had to put a hosepipe ban in force though so I think people were like me and being careful....We spent a few days at Rutland Water about a month back, I cannot remember it ever being so low, there were hundreds of birds sitting on banks in the middle that I have never seen since they started filling it up.....It is lovely to see it reviving, our plants are so resilient, a lot just went dormant for a while, very confusing for them as some don't know whether they're coming or going, bit like me at times....

8 Sep, 2022


I agree with your last statement Linclass, the plants are just starting to grow again now they have water, but we’re into September, so we’ll just have to hope for a long mild spell before winter sets in & they have to go dormant again.
You seem to have your work cut out, filling in the gaps &
thinking about replacements. I’m still hoping that my pink flowered Strawberry will start to grow, but it is very shallow rooted & was burnt to a crisp :-(

8 Sep, 2022


Its surprising on balance that we haven't lost more really. I think I've lost two Helianthemums and my veg crops were pretty near disaster but its grand to see how things are responding to a few days rain isn't it? I did my best with grey water but the garden is too big to survive on that. it makes you understand why people in hot dry countries go outside and dance in the rain when it comes!

8 Sep, 2022


Lincs it is amazing how much alike our weather patterns are even though I am across the pond from you. I have been using water out of the tap to keep the garden hydrated but it is treated water and it keeps the plants alive and in flower somewhat. Then, the last several days it has rained and cooled off. The untreated natural rain water has seemingly energized my garden plants and now they are growing and flowering full bore just like yours. Looks like you are going to get a grand finale to the growing season.

8 Sep, 2022


Looks like it's been resurrected with the showers in recent days, Sue. Definitely can see your plants are looking well again and bouncing back.
I'm a fan of summer and the hot sunshine and long, balmy evenings..
However, not so keen on extreme temperatures and the garden being destroyed! I'm seeing some things here being given a second coming!!! Thank heavens...

9 Sep, 2022


F'few it was the shallow rooted ones that suffered the most, as you know I did change things a few years back to make my gardening life easier, best decision I have made in recent years, although the perennial flowers themselves were shortlived, some not even lasting more than a day, I've cut the phlox down by half, might get another flush of flowers as they have bounced back now the ground is moist again, my dahlia's are gorgeous, full of flowers as are the cosmos and japanese anenomes, in fact weird as it seems the pink ones are the best they have ever been.. Won't take long to fill the remaining gaps in the raised bed, it has helped in a way as I've been able to already add new bulbs for next year, a job I usually end up doing when its cold and I'm balancing between my autumn flowers, this time I was able to see where they were needed....

10 Sep, 2022


Hi Stera, I know what you mean, my waste water was used mainly near to the house, much too far to keep carting it right down the bottom it had to fend for itself, not as young as I used to be, I definitely had a garden of two halves this year but its recovering well.. I too thought I'd lost a Helianthum but I cut out all the dead bits gradually, when I saw the new green shoots I gave it a proper prune, now has a new lease of life Stera, give it a try on yours.....I chuckled at your last comment as I spent an evening wandering around in the dark when our rains started, Harriet and Pepper accompanied me, they were not best pleased...LOL..

10 Sep, 2022


That's right L'strife, every little helps when things are getting desperate, its a good feeling to look out now and see it looking lush again, I admit I was getting quite despondent last month , I'm hoping for a very long and colourful autumn and very short winter....

10 Sep, 2022


Hi Kate, yes its a pleasure to look out on now, shame the nights are drawing in isn't it, I too love to be outside on a nice evening, used to be alright with the heat and could work in it for hours on end, could never just sit and sunbathe though, cannot handle it now, this year there was no respite even in my shady areas, I was literally hiding away indoors, poor dogs didn't realise how harmful it was for them, I placed a guard across the patio doors to force them to stay inside during the day, silly girls would lie in the full sun otherwise.. Thankfully we are getting a proper amount of rain now, its even being good and mainly falling overnight, how about that !!!!!!.. ..

10 Sep, 2022


Hi Lincs,your garden shows that your return to it(like many of ours) has begun after the drought period....isn't it a joyous feeling to be planting bulbs for the Spring. Here the roses are flowering as if it's June again....let's hope frosts are a far and distant thing.x

12 Sep, 2022


Hiya M'land, its just like a rebirth, really colourful now and a pleasure to look out at even when its raining, I'm determined to add more bulbs this year, most shopping was being done online for the last couple of years so I missed out on buying them, going out to do my shopping again now so I keep adding a few to my grocery shop.....

12 Sep, 2022


Looking lovely :-))

17 Sep, 2022

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